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The Utility Trend: 5 Key Elements

27 Jan 2020

Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Self-Portrait, Givenchy, Fendi Many famous fashion designers have reinterpreted utilitarian style over the last few seasons. This trend, which is inspired by military uniforms from the past, focuses on clothing’s functionality. What’s new this spring? We’ve been inspired by the great outdoors! Go on a fashion expedition with us and check out our list of 5 key elements for a utility wardrobe.  

1.    Plant-Inspired Palette

Visualize a dense forest, a lush oasis, or even a grassy savannah. As you’ll certainly have guessed, natural colours are essential. They come in an array of mossy greens, warm browns, and sandy beiges.

This season, a few new dynamic shades are being introduced. For women, we're seeing sunny touches like lemon yellow and peach, while for men, orange and bright red accents are spicing things up.

2.    Reliable Materials

Utility's main motto? Durability. Stock up on crisp poplin, quilted nylon, lightweight cloth, robust canvas, and classic denim. The most important thing is that the materials are comfortable and resistant.

This spring, we encourage you to opt for natural and eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton and TENCEL™ lyocell. Besides having a rugged aesthetic, these exceptional options are also eco-friendly.

3.    Unisex Fits

Feminine and masculine wardrobes merge when it comes to the utility trend. The silhouettes we see are loose and structured. Get set to slip on cargo pants, safari shirts, overshirts, jumpsuits, and sweatshirts.

And that’s not all! This spring, a few trekking-inspired pieces have become major must-haves. Update your wardrobe by picking up a pair of nylon shorts, a bulky jacket, and a sleeveless utility vest.

Coming straight out of fishermen’s closets, utility vests are making a fashion statement this season with their wide fits and plentiful pockets. Layer them over shirts or long-sleeve T-shirts for a look that’s always fly. 

4.    Practical Details

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! Whether they’re patch, flap, zip, or buttoned, pockets are the number one detail in the utility dress code.

Coming in a close second and third place, respectively, are visible hardware (including zips and snaps) and adjustable straps. These details are highlighted by bright or contrasting metallic shades. 

5.    Faithful Companions 

When it comes to accessories, get inspired by hiking gear! Some styles to add to your wardrobe? Belt bags, hiking sneakers, and canvas belts! If you’re a bit more adventurous, try a bush hat (also called a bucket hat), which is extremely popular this spring.

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