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The Dad Trend

9 Aug 2019

Think that trends are only based on celebrity looks and runway shows? Surprise! Today’s newest fashion icon is closer to you than you might think… it’s your dad! His look, the same one he’s been wearing since the end of the 20th century, is a top inspiration for today’s fashion world.

 Functionality and comfort are top priorities when it comes to this wardrobe that combines new millennial values with the way dads thought in ’90s. Discover the must-haves of this new fashion phenomenon. 

The Dad Sneaker

There are many theories going around, but the most popular one attributes the renaissance of dad shoes to Balenciaga’s Triple S style launched in January of 2017. Since then, celebs, models, and influencers have sported them both on the street and to major social events. Their casual vibe allows them to be worn in multiple ways. Some work them with floral dresses while others prefer to pair them with an athletic look. How you want to wear them is totally up to you!

The Dad Shirt

Coming in flannel, covered in checks, and sometimes featuring a bit of both, these tops remind us of the cute and cozy shirts our dads wore almost every day. All these years, you wondered why he always wanted to wear one. Now, you completely get it. Comfy fabrics, a casual and boxy style, roomy sleeves… what's not to love? We enjoy wearing them like an overshirt over a slim-fitting tee, knotting them at the waist, or buttoning them all the way up to the top.

Dad Jeans

Dad jeans: a high-rise style that’s relaxed through the hips with a straight leg that’s neither too wide nor too tight. Remember, comfort is key! This year, we’re wearing it in tomboyish looks with looser styles. If you feel like it, cuff the hems. To make sure that you show off and accentuate the waist, try tucking your top into your pants. Test this out with a bright white T-shirt and sneakers. 

The Dad T-Shirt

Its main characteristics? A long, loose-fitting tee with elbow-length sleeves that comes in an array of basic colours. Its functional role, the most important detail for dads, is everything. How do you wear it? Layer it over a turtleneck, pair it with a body-con skirt, or take your “dad look” from head to toe by wearing all the pieces inspired by this new fashion trend.

Ready to dress like dad?