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Your Essentials for the Perfect Cozy Day Indoors

22 Oct 2019

Between work, obligations, family, and friends, it’s easy to neglect and forget about yourself. However, we think that you definitely deserve quality downtime in order to be able to really relax. No matter which room makes you feel the most at ease, get inspired by our suggestions for home decor and pyjamas that’ll help you create the ideal cozy atmosphere. 

The Bedroom

A peaceful haven, the bedroom is often the favorite room of those who crave calm and quiet. Whether you want to read a book or just sleep in, make it as cozy and relaxing as possible. 

Carefully select bedding that will satisfy your wants and needs. Those who are always cold will want soft duvet covers, flannel sheets, and a fleecy throw with some added weight for extra comfort. Those with warmer body temperatures will love the fresh feeling provided by cooling duvets, pillows, and mattress protectors. Punctuate the space with a variety of pillows and cozy cushions for a finishing touch that feels super rich. To encourage you to slow down, burn some incense (we have a soft spot for the ones by Province Apothecary) and fill the room with the intoxicating aroma of essential oils. 

To add to the atmosphere, dress your windows with beautiful sheer curtains. Intimate and airy, they’ll bathe your bedroom in an ethereal light that’s perfect for reading.

To completely bask in the dolce vita within the walls of your cozy bedroom, carefully pick out your pyjamas. Simple and oversized, nightshirts and nightgowns will let you move freely once you’ve slid into bed. Otherwise, opt for a soft and smooth pyjama set. We especially love those by the brand Lemon that, in addition to being charming, are an absolute joy to wear. On colder days, add a fluffy bathrobe that will feel like you’ve been wrapped up in a soft cloud.

Look for casual and cozy leggings in order to avoid wearing lots of fabric, which can be annoying. 


There are so many busy mornings that we rush into the bathroom in order to shower and brush our teeth as fast as we can. We’re out so quickly that we rarely get to enjoy this room’s full relaxation potential.

Start with some self-care by running yourself a warm bath with oils, salts, or bubbles that’ll delicately perfume the water. Placing a bath pillow behind your neck will allow you to stay in the tub for hours. 

Using a bamboo bath caddy, add extra elements that’ll enhance this magical moment. Set out a scented candle that’ll help you achieve optimal relaxation. Slide a jade roller over the muscles in your face to give them relief, as well as give yourself a radiant glow. Why not finish off this fantastic bath with a glass of your favorite wine? Delight your senses!

Continue spoiling yourself even after stepping out of the bath by drying off with thick towels that are soft as those you’d find at the spa. 

In order to stay in this peaceful state, slip on clothing that you feel completely at ease in. You can’t go wrong with light and fluid pieces from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. Complete your outfit with a pair of fluffy felt slippers and a rich and luxurious terry robe that’s beyond comfy.

Living Room

The time has come to sit in your cozy living room right in front of the TV and shamelessly binge-watch movies or TV shows. There’s nothing better than a nice night in, either alone or with a loved one!

Cushions and blankets are essentials, and wrapping up in a comfy cocoon feels absolutely fabulous. You can also pick up thick, opaque velvet curtains to make the room darker, like a real movie theatre.

Not relaxed enough yet? Plug in an essential oil diffuser and add your favorite fragrance. 

A soft pyjama set that looks as fantastic as it feels will become your best new buddy. Also, step into a comfy pair of slippers to keep your toes toasty. We love the timeless and ultra-cozy styles by the Australian brand UGG.

To ramp up the elegance, a long robe made with a hint of cashmere is exactly what you’ll want.

Got more ideas in mind? Find everything you need for spending cozy days indoors in our selection of home decor and loungewear.