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Vacation Outfits: Fashion Essentials for Your Next Trip

23 Apr 2019
Vacation-Outfits-Fashion-Trip Vacation-Outfits-Fashion-Trip

Whether you're going to the beach, the mountains, or to an urban destination, it's important that you bring the right clothes for your sunny escape. If packing your suitcase seems like a chore, we have just what you need to make choosing travel clothes a little easier.
Simons has prepared a packing list for you of outfits to wear on vacation that includes major must-haves and essential summer vacation accessories. You’re guaranteed to have a great time on your getaway thanks at this travel guide that will make you a seasoned and stylish traveller!

Vacation Accessories to Remember for Travelling with Peace of Mind 

Every trip requires a list of small essential accessories that we're always afraid of forgetting. Here are some must-haves you'll need so that everything on your getaway goes smoothly.  

One of the pieces that you should definitely pack in your suitcase is a hat or cap. This fashion item will ensure you stay stylish in the sun while also protecting yourself from its harmful rays. Choose one that's soft or better yet, rollable, so that it won't get deformed while travelling. 

It's important to have a tube of sunscreen with you at all times, even when the sky is cloudy. You'll want to keep your skin healthy and protected, wherever you're heading on your holiday. 

A lightweight backpack that's both fashionable and functional is always a great idea to pack! Whether you're travelling by plane or by car, it will keep your travel essentials handy and, once you arrive at your destination, you can use it as an everyday bag. 

Keep your medications, makeup, personal care items, and other small accessories in a large cosmetics case. Organization is the key to success, especially when it comes to storage!

Ladies, pick up a versatile scarf that will complement your outfits and will also double as a shawl or blanket when the temperature dips down. Think about how happy you'll be to have it when it gets cold on the plane, when you're spending the evening by the water, or when your room is (overly) air-conditioned. This is a simple and effortless accessory that'll quickly enhance and elevate any outfit. 

Also, don't forget a storage bag for your electronics, your sunglasses and their protective case, a tag to properly identify your luggage, scrunchies to do your hair in less than two minutes flat, a reusable water bottle, and a wallet to keep your cards and money safe. 

The Right Clothing for Your Well-Deserved Sunny Escape 

No matter where you’re travelling to, it’s always more enjoyable to pack clothing that we love and that makes us feel great, both in terms of style and comfort.  

shorts bermudas skirt dress polo shorts bermudas skirt dress polo

Lightweight and breathable shorts or Bermudas are essential for both the city and the beach. Ladies, don't forget to take a fancier skirt or dress that won't wrinkle or take up a lot of room in your suitcase. This way, you'll always be set for a chic, impromptu evening. Guys, pack a polo and a pair of linen bottoms to have an elegant and effortless summer style at the ready!

For your tops, choose light and breathable materials, like cotton, lyocell, and linen. The last of these is also a favourite fabric to wear in very hot climates. It's known to be a little more wrinkly than the other two, but its breathability can't be beat. Linen always creates a casual and cool elegance.

If your vacation destination will be by the water, plan on packing two to three swimsuits in order to always be ready for a dip! Ladies, have fun mixing and matching your bathing suit tops and bottoms in order to come up with original and fun swim combinations. You are not sure which bathing suit to choose? Discover our swimwear guide for women here


When it comes to shoes, your feet will thank you if you bring comfortable sandals or sneakers, since vacations usually mean a lot of walking. Prioritize comfort and versatility first! Also remember that your shoes need to go with all of your outfits, so opt for a neutral style. 

It’s important to choose clothes that pair together easily. Select solid-colour pieces, or those with simple patterns, in shades that will work together. Think about the different places you’ll be visiting, whether that’s the beach, a city, a religious site, or a mountain. Are your vacation outfits suitable for all of these places and activities? Think about how the temperature can fluctuate. Are you equipped for rain or cool evenings?

For the most part, keep your holiday outfits neutral so that they’re easy to pair. Then, play around with your accessories to add a pop of colour. Work in a few patterned or brightly coloured pieces (depending on how you feel), and you'll have the perfect recipe for a stylish and hassle-free holiday!  



Some Tips for Smart Travellers

  • Roll your clothing to save space in your suitcase and avoid wrinkles.
  • Split your suitcase up into sections in order to easily spot your essentials. You can use small bags or packing cubes to separate your bottoms from your shirts and T-shirts, for example.
  • Plan your outfits and how you'll pair your pieces together before your departure in order to avoid to taking clothes with you that you won't wear once you reach your destination.
  • Use the mix-and-match technique in order to create impeccable outfits with a minimum number of pieces.
  • Keep your destination and the type of trip you're going on in mind. A beach vacation doesn't require the same wardrobe as a weekend in a fashion capital or an expedition in the Amazon rainforest!
  • Leave pieces that require more maintenance at home and opt for wrinkle-resistant materials that are ideally lightweight.
  • Favour fabrics that won't take up much space in your luggage and that will dry quickly in case you have to wash them. Opt for thin jersey or a soft cotton poplin, for instance.


A well-prepared traveller is worth two. For more tips about packing your suitcase like a pro, check out this article.

Have a great vacation!