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These Bags Are Made For Walking

1 Aug 2017

True symbols of adventure, bags are our best companions on any journey, whether big or small.
It’s not surprising then that Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, two brothers passionate about travelling, chose them as their main product when they founded Herschel in 2009.

Thanks to their fine regard for detail, the Cormack brothers have succeeded in creating timeless designs driven by modern functionality that evoke an air of nostalgia. The result: Products with an iconic look that everyone recognizes en route. 


It's easy to be passionate about travelling at Herschel. Everyone on the brand's team would say it's their biggest source of inspiration. According to Jamie Cormack, travelling keeps people creative.

“You get so much inspiration every time you leave your house.” 

The expression “Well Travelled” has become one of the brand's mantras. To them, it means both “travelling a lot” and “travelling well,” even if it's just in your own city. It means having a good story to tell, but also having great gear filled with the right accessories for any daily excursion, whether it's big or small.  Every day, and with every decision, Herschel works towards its goal of helping people lead a “well-travelled life.”


Herschel's journey started started in a village of the same name in Saskatchewan. This tiny town of 30 people was where three generations of the founders’ family grew up after coming to Canada from Scotland in 1906.

Going to Herschel to visit their grandparents was one of the brother’s fondest memories. As kids, it was always their favourite vacation, even over places like Disneyland and Hawaii.
No other place was as fascinating to explore. 


In only a few years, the company has undergone a huge expansion. To see this, you only need to take a tour of its headquarters located in the trendy industrial district of Railtown in Vancouver. Here, you can meet up to 170 employees and visit the impressive studio where all of Herschel’s products come to life, from sketch to prototype. And that’s without counting their offices in Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. 

The path we travel always leads us home. For Herschel, home remains the country that they appreciate for its diversity and creativity: Canada.

“Over the past several years the world has been opening its eyes to the talent in this country, and has been looking to us as innovators and disruptors in the market. It’s exciting to see and be a part of,” 

explains Jamie Cormack. 

Focused foremost on doing things well, the company continues on its current path in hopes of pushing itself further. For Jamie, the direction to take is clear.

“I want Herschel to drive the industry and be the best in class.” 


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