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The Warmth of Winter

29 Nov 2017

If Canadian winters are long and harsh, they’re also impressive, unique, and host to a number of magnificently rich moments. This is what inspires the proud Canadian coat brand, Quartz Co. Motivated by a passion and obsession for delivering high-quality products, the people who work here are devoted to helping others make the most of winter’s wonders.  In every way, they prove that true warmth comes from within.

Quartz Co. is a family-owned company from Quebec led by brothers Jean-Philippe and François-Xavier Robert. In 2015, they took over the Quartz Nature collection,
a company that had been famous for making warm parkas since 1997. Preserving this rich expertise, they transformed the company’s image, making it more modern and urban.
With their minimal designs and long-lasting construction, their products promise to stick by your side winter after winter, from city streets to mountain peaks, and see you through whatever northern life has in store. 

Quartz Co. parkas are proudly produced in Canada from start to finish.
They are manufactured at a factory located in Saint-Hyacinthe by a skilled workforce eager to preserve this expertise that’s recognized worldwide. Today, you can find their coats in over 10 countries, including the United States, Japan, Norway, and South Korea. 

Quartz Co.’s coats bring warmth to winters all around the world, but it’s the Canadian winters, in all their severity and beauty, that inspire the company to create. Because, when it comes to cold, Canada definitely knows its stuff! It’s this experience, as well as Canada’s positive, inclusive, and welcoming image that makes the Canadian market very valuable and gives it legitimacy on an international level, explains company president Jean-Philippe Robert.

“Canadian expertise in producing coats stands out for its choice of materials
and its production techniques. We have the ability to test our products in the field and, therefore, are extremely responsive.”

Because Quartz Co. is a young company led by young entrepreneurs,
their main concern is constant research in order to improve their product. Jean-Philippe Robert doesn’t hesitate to say that, “Competition around the world is fierce. You need to know how to set yourself apart.”

Quartz Co. definitely set themselves apart by producing coats insulated by milkweed,
a plant that was for a long time considered only to be a pesky weed.

They are the first manufacturer in the world to have marketed a coat that is insulated entirely by vegetal fibres. Developed in Quebec by the Monark Eco Fibre , this insulation is the result of many years of research to extract the fibre and transform it into a very warm and light textile.

It goes without saying that this first innovation that’s braving the cold is the first of many. Quartz Co. is ready to bring warmth to the many winters that are yet to come…


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