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The groom's clothing guide from Simons

17 May 2018


Here are a few style tips for the next 3 big steps you need to plan for…

It's a rite of passage before your big day.

You have no idea what your friends have planned, which is why it's essential to choose comfortable, versatile clothing that will work in any situation. Stay looking sharp… no matter what comes your way!

A polo shirt and chinos will be your best buds on this night out. Layer on a blazer to dress up the look, which you can take off depending on the activity. Wear everything with a pair of minimalist loafers for a carefully curated look that doesn't compromise when it comes to comfort. 

You’re the guy her eyes (and those of all the guests!) will be glued to… Your key criteria: elegance, comfort, and style.

Elegance: Opt for a luxurious wool weave for a look that lives up to this unforgettable day. A high-quality suit can last you for years, and you can wear the pieces separately for different occasions. Keep in mind that solid colours are easier to pair and guarantee you get the most versatility out of your suit. You only need to change your shirt according to the occasion for a different look at a low cost.

Comfort: Select a jacket and pants that coordinate in order to create your suit. You can then choose the right size for each piece, resulting in a tailor-made look that’s easy to alter. Slim, semi-slim, or regular, choose a cut that’s appropriate for your silhouette. Take the time to take your measurements using a flexible measuring tape, since a well-fitting suit is key. Pay close attention to the shoulder line: it’s the most difficult part of the suit for a tailor to alter. Make sure that the sleeve falls straight, without any divots at the shoulder.

Style: Whether you're classic or more modern, make sure that you finish off your outfit with some stylish accessories. From the bow tie to the shoes to the socks, no detail should be overlooked! This is the opportunity to add some personality to your dressed-up duds.

If you opt for a navy suit, cognac-coloured shoes are a must. A black suit will obviously go with black shoes, but you could also slip on some burgundy soles for a distinctive style. For all your chic accessories, try pairing different patterns together. The only rule is that you have to stay in the same colour palette. Finally, show off your playful side by wearing colourful socks or no socks at all for a modern look that's on the cutting edge of the trends. 

The stress is over and now it’s time to relax! 

An all-inclusive in the Antilles, a tour of Europe, or a cruise on the Mediterranean—wherever you’re headed, the Simons team has listed off a few essentials that you won’t want to forget.  

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Now that everything’s planned, all you need to do is have fun!