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The Colourful Creativity of Marni

5 Apr 2018
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In the effervescent world of fashion, few modern houses have managed to distinguish themselves in such a striking way as Marni. In less than a quarter of a century, this Italian label has established its own style and vision, winning over the media, celebrities, and fashion critics from around the world. For Spring/Summer 18, Simons is proud to carry this cult label’s women’s collection for the very first time.



The name Consuelo Castiglioni is inseparable from that of Marni. Born in Switzerland and later settling in Milan, the designer and fashion consultant produced her first collection in 1992 on behalf of Ciwifurs, a major Italian fashion house that specializes in fur. The company, owned by her husband Gianni Castiglioni and his family, called on the designer’s expertise to reinvent the image of fur and make it modern and sophisticated, which she did with brio.

Two years later, in 1994, Consuelo Castiglioni founded Marni, a name inspired by the designer’s sister, Marina. The label was family-run for many years, with Consuelo and Gianni sitting at its head and their daughter, Carolina, in charge of expanding the fashion house online in the 2000’s.

During this period, the label began opening boutiques in different markets before creating its men’s line in 2002. By being unique and creative, Marni became known as a point of reference in the fashion industry and it still holds a special status on the style scene today.



Creative, avant-garde, adventurous, meticulous, and unique: Marni’s sophisticated and surprising style has been charming fashion fans since the brand’s very beginning. The label’s DNA was built on using rich colours and unexpected accents to make fantastic graphic prints come to life. Layers, combinations of textures, and unforeseen details are judiciously applied to give a specific artistic dimension to each collection. 

At Marni, we also find a desire to offer something different from the modern fashion landscape, even if it isn't something everyone sees in the same light. Since the concept of beauty is relative, seasoned fashion addicts adopted some of the label's designs right away, while at other times, they called Marni's unique aesthetic into question.

The label persevered however, creating calculated pieces each season that went beyond the current trends and the (sometimes conventional) image of women’s fashion. One thing is certain, the on-point, innovative, and skilfully offbeat eclecticism of the Milanese fashion house leaves no one indifferent and continues to make Marni a leader in the world of fashion. 


After having reigned over the Marni empire for over 20 years, the label’s designer and artistic director, Consuelo Castiglioni, announced that she would retire in October 2016. The departure of the woman who forged Marni’s fashion identity marked the beginning of a new chapter for the label. Young Italian designer Francesco Risso, who cut his teeth at Alessandro Dell’Aqua and Prada amongst other fashion houses, took over the reins of the company and produced his first Marni collection for the Fall 2017 season.

While bringing a fresh, young feel to the brand,
Risso’s work displays continuity with what the label produced in the past.
The fashion media and the brand’s long-time fans
are still charmed by Marni’s magic.

The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is making its debut at Simons
and is currently available online and in selected store locations.

For the warmer months, Marni offers an array of arty prints, brightly coloured accents, exceptionally crafted designs, and the ever-relevant and on-point elegance the label is so famous for. In-demand sandals and sought-after handbag styles are also included in the assortment, as well as certain pieces from the men’s collection.

For a stylish summer marked by luxury and refinement,
the new Marni collection should be your main choice.