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The 5 Commandments to Follow for a Happy and Healthy Beard

19 Nov 2019


All self-respecting bearded men should make sure their facial hair always looks flawless. For some, this seems to be a difficult task that’s nothing short of a miracle. And yet, how to maintain a beard isn’t such a well-kept secret, at least, not for us. We’re sharing with you the 5 commandments to follow so that your beard looks its very best. No more mysteries!   





Thou shalt regularly schedule shampoos

Cleaning your beard is a must. Just like your hair, your beard needs to be cleaned in order to give you a fresh start. Shampooing also allows you to get rid of any odours or residue.  Ideally, you should wash your beard one to two times per week.


Thou shalt no longer forget about conditioner

Conditioner softens and shapes your beard like nothing else! Everyone can find the perfect product for them, whether it's a leave-in conditioner or one you rinse out. It's just a matter of personal preference.


Thou shalt brush your beard daily

Brushing your beard will soften and improve the texture of your whiskers while also detangling them. This will also gently exfoliate and remove any dandruff that you might have. Ideally, we recommend brushing your beard once a day in order to get rid of any accumulated dirt, while also activating the natural sebum that's necessary to maintain the hair.     


Thou shalt also comb it

Combing the hair of your mustache and beard will detangle it, help it to grow healthy, and reduce breakage. We recommend using an acetate comb in order to reduce static electricity.


Thou shalt apply beard oil with care

Beard oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes. A balm can also be a great option since it will have much the same effect, while also allowing you to style your beard given its denser texture. It's also easy to carry if you're travelling. So, you have tons of choices when it comes to moisturizing your beard!






Causes and effects of a poorly maintained beard 


Dry hair and skin

Choose a shampoo or beard soap that will be gentle on your hair and skin, reduce the water temperature in order to avoid eliminating all the sebum, and dry your beard using a towel. Often caused by a lack of hydration, you can get these problems back in order with the help of a beard oil, balm, or even a conditioner. For best results, combine an oil or balm with a conditioner. Discover also the benefits of aloe and argan oil to hydrate your skin. 

Hair breakage

Dehydration is often the cause of this problem. If that's the case, your hair will start to show signs of fragility and will look rather frail and shaggy. You can easily fix this by picking up a leave-in conditioner or one that you rinse out! 

Tangled hairs

Caused by a lack of time or not having the right tools, tangled hairs that are left too long will inevitably result in hair breakage. To remedy this problem, simply add a comb or a brush to your routine!

Thanks to our advice, you won’t have any reason to have a beard that’s suffering, in disarray, or that’s lacking love! Equipped with the right care and tools, your whiskers will be transformed, and you can say goodbye to dryness and breakage.

Be proud of your beard! Give it a bit of care and lots of love and it will give it right back to you!