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Swimwear for adventurers at heart

1 June 2017

A backpacking trip across Australia inspired Julie Morin-Dumais (nicknamed June) to found June Swimwear in 2009. While in the country of kangaroos, she discovered her passion for the ocean and watersports. She enrolled in sewing school once she was back in Montreal, determined to design her own swimsuit that combined feminine style with her love of surfing. 

Today, Julie still collects inspirational treasures while on her many trips and brings them back to her studio in order to create her swimsuit styles. She shares her passion for travelling with two other Julies that are now accompanying her on this great adventure, Julie Gingras and Julie Bertrand, her partners in graphic design and marketing.  

Since 2009, this Quebec company has grown from 1 point of sale to 75. Most are located throughout Canada (notably in all Simons stores) and some are found abroad. The brand now also has its own online store. Today, June is able to reach customers all over the world, from France to French Polynesia. “We can now say that our bikinis really travel! #juneallaroundtheworld”

All June Swimwear swimsuits are made in Canada from start to finish. They design, createprints, and produce samples in their Montreal studio and then manufacture their products in a Quebec factory.

This is the part of the company that Julie is the most proud of. For her, it’s a way of returning the province to its heyday as the cradle of the textile industry. “We’re slowly seeing the return of local production and consumer interest in supporting products that are made in Canada. There’s a desire to bring back and expand our manufacturing industry and a certain pride for Canadians in doing just that.” Simons couldn’t agree more! 

Photo credits: Kimberly Denis (Instagram: @beurl) | Simon-Pierre Côté (Instagram: @spcote) | Alexandra Côté-Durrer (Instagram: @alexcdphotography)