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Swedish Stockings: an eco-friendly collection

26 Sep 2016

Each year, two billion tights and nylon stockings are manufactured, worn, and then thrown out, helping to make textiles the world's second most polluting industry.


Swedish Stockings’ green philosophy stems from several principles: our planet needs us to take care of it, we need to become more aware of the environmental impact of fashion, and it pays to lead by example. It is for these reasons that the company chooses to create products that are innovative and, above all, good for the environment, offering a line of eco-friendly tights and nylon stockings.

The Swedish label’s objective is simple: design a sustainable fashion product using methods and materials that are beneficial to our beloved planet Earth. Its tights and nylon stockings are therefore made from recycled threads and environmentally friendly dyes, and the fabrication process is powered mainly by solar energy. Moreover, all of the water that goes into the manufacturing stages is subsequently purified and used for agricultural purposes.

Lessening the ecological footprint of even a single production step has a tangible environmental impact, particularly given the incredible amount of energy and water required in this large-scale manufacturing process.


The concept behind Swedish Stockings was sparked when these two young entrepreneurs watched The Lightbulb Conspiracy, a documentary that examines the many products deliberately designed to last only a short time in order to fuel consumerism. 

After seeing this eye-opening film, the pair came to two conclusions. First, it was crucial to find a more sustainable solution for manufacturing nylon stockings—once a luxury product in the '60s, but nowadays worn only once or twice before being discarded. Second, while committed to eco-friendly designs, they still wanted to deliver classic, fashionable, and, most of all, high-quality products that could be worn again and again.

After conducting research, taking advantage of modern communications technology to reach out to people interested in ethical consumerism, and exchanging ideas with individuals with an eye out for the latest fashion trends, they emerged as co-founders of Swedish Stockings.

Swedish Stockings is proud to combine sustainability, quality, and original designs to give women products they can take pride in wearing. Simons is happy to help you discover them here.