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Spring Blooms on LIBERTY FABRICS!

7 Apr 2017

Discover Liberty Fabrics, the prestigious print house that's reinvented its unique floral art every season since 1875.

Simons presents its own exclusive collections that made with the oh-so-British label in Contemporaine for women, in Le 31 for men, and in its Simons Maison department for the home.

Arthur Lasenby Liberty founded the Liberty print house in London in the year 1875. When the store opened, its colourful fabrics and products from East Asia met with tremendous success. In 1884, Liberty developed a thin cotton fabric with delicate and original floral patterns that quickly became emblematic of the brand.

Situated in a magnificent Tudor-style building in the heart of London, the Liberty store is a premier destination for customers from around the world who are looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Today, Liberty continues its mission to offer items with innovative and eclectic designs.

Simons was founded in Quebec City in 1840 and provided its customers with textile products it imported from Europe. Considering that John Simons made multiple trans-Atlantic trips every year to collect his wares, it’s easy to imagine that these two globetrotters who shared a passion for finding the latest products may have met each other, and that Liberty fabrics could have found their way onto Simons' shelves.

Liberty was popularized in France by Cacharel, a brand that made it a fashion trend with their popular shirts in the late 1960s. Simons carried the Cacharel collection and its famous shirt that was made with Liberty florals!

Like Simons, Liberty's rich heritage was built on their founder's determination to offer the latest cutting-edge products in a unique store setting so that each time customers visited, it was a thrilling voyage of discovery.