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Shea Butter: An Indispensable Moisturizer

13 Dec 2019

Name: Shea butter

INCI Name: Butyrospermum parkii

Profile: A plant from the Sapotaceae family

The shea tree grows primarily in West Africa and produces a fruit from which we extract shea butter. This fruit has a rich and smooth texture as well as a slightly earthy scent, similar to a hazelnut. Despite being called a butter, it’s actually a type of vegetable oil. Frequently used in body and face care, you can also find shea butter in the kitchens of certain European countries. It’s also possible to see it in lists of medicinal ingredients.

Discover shea butter’s many benefits for the skin, hair, and beard.    

An Ingredient Rich in Vitamins

Composed of vitamins A and E, shea butter is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains its fair share of natural antioxidants to help maintain skin’s elasticity. Additionally, it contains vitamin F, also known as omega-6 or linoleic acid. Omega-6 calms and nourishes the skin while helping to strengthen the dermis. It also contains a healthy dose of phytosterols that improve the skin’s capacity to act as a barrier, slow down signs of aging, and protect against harmful UV rays.

For Hair

Frequently associated with skin care, shea butter also has several hair benefits. Not only does shea butter soften hair, but it also hydrates and smooths it. It prevents breakage and split ends while strengthening dry, damaged, or coloured hair. In addition, it enhances hair's shine and reduces frizz. Being an anti-inflammatory, shea butter also reduces scalp irritation and prevents the damage caused by blow-drying. We mainly find it in pomades and products that are used after you shampoo.  

For Beards

Used for decades in skin and hair care, shea butter is equally beneficial for your beard. It will help you shape and soften your whiskers as well as give them the shine they deserve! We usually find shea butter in shampoos and in beard balms where it helps to revive and grow hair.

For the Face

In the field of facial care, shea butter is the ultimate moisturizer. Rich in vitamins A, E, and F, it provides the skin with essential nutrients for collagen production. As it has restorative properties, it is perfect for dry, irritated, chapped, and damaged skin. Shea butter is commonly used in soaps, in after-shave balms, and in facial lotions.

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*Small precaution: This ingredient is normally safe, however, testing it on a small area of skin is always recommended before use. Some people may notice irritation. If this is the case, stop use.