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Art and Sole

30 Oct 2017

Saute-Mouton is the brainchild of a family of passionate, skilled artisans. It’s 33 people who work tirelessly to make sleek and comfortable boots to face the biting cold of Canadian winters. And it is a company that is fundamentally proud to be Canadian.

The beginning of this beautiful story dates back to 1997, when Jacinthe Bergeron first laid the foundations for a bold project: the creation of handmade, waterproof boots crafted in leather and sheep's wool. First designed for children, the collection officially arrived in stores in 1998. Five years later, it turned towards the adult market, given the growing demand.

We are craftsmen and shoes are in our blood.

Josée Robitaille, spokesperson for Saute-Mouton



When the company came into this world, Jacinthe's father joined its ranks as a designer. It's safe to assume that Roger, who had worked as a tailor and a designer for over six decades, passed this passion on to his daughter.

In fact, several members of the company come from a family of shoemakers, and share this pride regarding their art. Their common goal is to keep perfecting their expertise and their traditional techniques despite the strong competition which surrounds them.


As for its inspiration, the team behind Saute-Mouton in large part draws it from its customers, who seek simplicity, comfort, and warmth. The company also studies European craftsmanship to renew itself, including Italian techniques and German designs.

Canada is rich in its ethnic diversity, which represents an asset for the fashion industry.

Josée Robitaille, Spokesperson for Saute-Mouton

According to the company, multiculturalism is a major contributor to Canadian fashion. Saute-Mouton is very proud of its origins, but especially of its products, which are entirely made in Canada. “Made here!” is its slogan.

Therefore, joining forces with a Canadian company such as Simons seemed to be a perfect fit for Saute-Mouton. What's more, they both share similar values, like the attention they give to human relations, the taste for aesthetics and quality and, of course, the appreciation they show towards their Canadian heritage.


Furthermore, manufacturing in Canada implies offering adequate products capable of standing up to freezing weathers. Thus, their styles feature cozy sheep's wool lining and multi-layered sole. As for the upper, its leather is treated and its seams waterproofed so that the shoes are resistant to water and salt stains.

Warmth, comfort and functionality are three important features combined to satisfy the search for a boot designed for our Canadian winters.

Josée Robitaille, spokesperson for Saute-Mouton

Some designs also include an ingenious system of crampons, like the Ilka laced boots. This is a particularly significant product for Saute-Mouton, because it is emblematic of its shift towards a trendier collection, made in 2015. Since then, it has become an essential, iconic boot for the label.