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Safety Razors Are for Women Too

16 Oct 2019

Ladies, you're used to buying Rituels products for your boyfriend, father, and other important men in your life, but now, we need to talk about… you.

Many women wonder if they can shave their legs with a safety razor and the answer is YES, they can! In fact, more and more women are doing just that. 

Why? It's simple! These razors cost less over the mid/long-term and are just as gentle as the disposable plastic razors sold at the pharmacy. They're also prettier and eco-friendlier. What's more, there's no such thing as a pink tax with safety razors. They are sold to women and men at the exact same price and are equally as efficient!


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can all safety razors be used by women?

Yes! However, we recommend choosing a razor with a handle that provides a good grip in slippery conditions and that will be easy to handle with your fingertips when you get to more complex areas. We have several options for you: the Merkur, Rituels, and Feather razor will all work very well. 

Can you buy any type of blade?

Yes, as long as the blades are made for safety razors.

The blades for safety razors last as long as those sold in pharmacies but, like the latter, their comfort decreases with use after a certain amount of time. Properly cleaning and drying your blades after using them will extend their lifespan.

Are the blades less expensive and do they last as long?

Yes, these blades are MUCH less expensive (starting at $0.15 per blade!) and last as long as the blades sold in pharmacies.

Since they aren’t glued to each other (there’s only one blade on each side), the head of the razor fills and doesn’t get as blocked by soap and shaving cream.

Once the blade shows signs of wear, there’s no problem! Just throw it away and, since it’s made of steel, it will rust away instead of leaving behind a plastic shell for thousands of years.

Can I use my regular products with a safety razor?

If you want to, absolutely! Your soaps, gels, and shaving creams will work as well with a safety razor as they do with your pink plastic one.

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Happy shaving, everyone!