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Getting the most from your outdoor excursions

18 Jul 2016
Photo credit: Tim Kemple

There is no better way to enjoy summer than by being out in the fresh air!

But whether you're heading on an adventure in Whistler, taking a trip to Percé Rock, admiring the view in Banff or exploring the trails in Jasper National Park, it’s not always easy to dress appropriately for fully embracing Canada’s beautiful landscapes.


In cold temperatures, the key is to keep warm with a multi-layer system. This technique will allow you to comfortably enjoy your nature hikes.

The multi-layer system consists of three main layers that you can adjust according to the weather:

Base layer: The purpose of this layer is to wick away moisture toward the outer layers. Worn directly on the skin, it should be fitted while also permitting unrestricted movement. Try to choose pieces with flat seams or none at all to avoid irritating your skin. In addition, avoid fabrics like cotton, as a base layer that traps moisture will cause your body to cool down. Polyester and merino wool are recommended because they are light and resistant weaves that dry quickly.  

Middle layer (insulation): This layer retains heat to keep you warm and transfers moisture away from the body. Look for wool or polar fleece wool, which traps hot air without hampering your movements. Keep in mind that you can wear more than one item for this layer.

Outer layer (shell): This final layer protects against bad weather, including wind, rain and cold temperatures. Choose a coat that is both water-resistant and wind-resistant, and avoid risking heat loss with designs that are too loose. Your outermost layer should also allow moisture from the inner layers to escape.

For a worry-free excursion, check out our “Travel Gear" gallery for a complete range of men’s apparel that our editors have chosen just for you! 

Happy summer getaways, everyone!