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One-Mile Wear: Carefully Considered Basics for Quick Trips Close to Home

11 Aug 2020

For the past few months, fashion has sworn by one trend in particular: One-Mile Wear. A lot of significance lies behind these three little words.

This emerging term from Japan describes a style that combines utility and comfort. The look relies on carefully considered basics for running errands in your neighbourhood or within a 2-km radius of your home.

Although everyone might not be familiar with the expression yet, there’s a good chance that many of us have already adopted this casual approach to dressing. 

Over the past months, our homes have become the epicentre of all our activities—working, studying, relaxing, socializing, and even exercising. We’re shifting towards simplicity and comfort in every aspect of our everyday lives, and this includes our wardrobe. Our basics have evolved to reflect our new reality.
Not so practical to wear as we make our daily commute from the kitchen to our home office to the couch, we’ve gradually abandoned our tighter, more structured clothing and leather shoes for their relaxed equivalents. Bit by bit, loungewear has become a no-brainer, and even a way of asserting our sense of style.

In the One-Mile Wear wardrobe, you’ll find sustainable fabrics like silk, cotton, lyocell, and modal. Similar to PJ styles, One-Mile Wear focuses on keeping cuts and draping simple. We’re able to achieve cool and effortless ensembles thanks to carefully chosen pieces. 

This style revolves around having fewer pieces, but making them ones that are practical, chic, and that you truly love.

In this respect, One-Mile Wear echoes the ideas of slow fashion1 and capsule wardrobes.

When it comes to the colour palette, we’re loving neutrals for being so versatile and undeniably chic, but this shouldn’t stop you from incorporating bold and seasonal shades into your outfits!

5 One-Mile Wear Must-Haves

For her

• A basic solid T-shirt or tank
• Fluid gauchos
• A fleecy, oversized sweatshirt
• A loose shirtdress
• Slip-ons 

For him

• A solid cotton T-shirt (preferably organic cotton!)
• Fleece or linen joggers
• Assorted sweatshirts, with or without a hood
• A minimalist cardigan
• White sneakers

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1Slow fashion is the idea of adopting slower and more conscientious consumption habits, which means only buying what you need and favouring quality pieces that will last longer.