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Men's Winter Coats and Jackets: Choose Your Ally

1 Oct 2019

As beautiful as it may be, winter in Quebec isn’t easy! Just like how fashion follows in the footsteps of runway trends, we have to adapt so many of our daily habits to the cold climate. Find the coat that will see you through your day-to-day by being perfectly suited to your sense of style and what you need when it comes to warmth.

The Styles

For the comings and goings of everyday life, for evening and day wear, for sports activites, for small cold snaps, and for winter’s worst weather, your ideal winter ally lies amongst these styles that all serve a certain specific purpose.

The Parka

This style has become extremely popular because it fuses functionality with fashion! Besides being waterproof, wind-resistant, and warmly insulated, the parka creates a casual urban look. Perfect for defying Quebec winters on the daily!

Parkas are usually long, hitting somewhere between the hip and the mid-thigh. Inspired by military clothing, the best-known style is the “fishtail parka”, which has a slit at the back that creates a W-shape resembling a fish's tail. It often has an adjustable tunnel hood and elastic cuffs to protect against the wind.

Waterproof, long, and warm—in addition to being a timeless style, the parka's multifunctional nature makes it the best men's winter coat for extreme cold!

This season, ochre, saffron, and earth tones are trending and designs are utility-inspired.

The Puffer

Coming to the height of their popularity in the '90s and then forgotten about for over a decade, today, puffers are making a major comeback.

What’s interesting about these these styles is their design. Down insulation makes for a lightweight, airy, and insulating coat that wicks away moisture while maximizing heat. It has pockets in its layers that keep the insulation in place and distribute it evenly. Much more than an excercise in style, the puffer’s aesthetic is due to its advanced technology!

Puffers come in many styles, from short, to very long, to mid-thigh length. The density of the insulation increases depending on your thermal needs, and these can be worn either on their own or in multiple layers.

Test drive them in bright solid colors or color blocks for some athletic appeal, or opt for black and shiny finishes for a more sophisoticated spin on the style.

The Technical Coat

When we hear “sports coat,” we usually envision an anorak. Inuit in origin, this garment is designed to combat cold and wet weather. Usually equipped with a hood, it is relatively short and form-fitting with elastic at the waist and at the wrists. The anorak comes in different styles depending on the temperature needs for the season, from simple windbreaking shells to styles with warm insulation. We still find traditional over-the-head versions, though less often than those with a full-length zip.

For people who love the great outdoors and winter sports, this coat’s short, boxy style allows for a wide range of motion. Many models come with technical details like sealed seams and coated zippers for optimal protection against wind and water.

The Dress Coat

When you’re looking for something chic and subtle, or something to help you transition into the new season, men’s wool overcoats might be exactly what you need. Once worn by sailors, the peacoat is a short coat with a six-button double-breasted front and a large collar that can come with or without a hood. Made of a felted wool fabric, it can benefit from a waterproofing treatment and additional insulating features in order to keep you warm.

Paired with a short and cuffed wool beanie, you’ll look every inch the casual-chic sea dog.

The overcoat closely ressembles the peacoat, but it’s longer with elegant peaked lapels. Layer it over a suit or slip it on over a hoodie to test out a look that’s totally modern.

2-in-1 models mean you get the best of two worlds! Equipped with a removable wool or quilted bib in the same color as the rest of the coat, these styles will work with how you dress during the day and for an elegant evening out.

This season, wear warm camel-colored beiges, light and bright pale blues, as well as aristocratic Prince of Wales plaids. If you want to play it safe, go with black or cool colors, like navy and different shades of grey.

Discover all the best looking styles from Le 31, our exclusive private label.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Maximize your warmth while minimizing your environmental footprint? Now you can thanks to our special selection of products made from environmentally responsible and eco-friendly materials.

Recycled Wool

Produced from wool that comes from fabric scraps and recovered clothing, it requires less energy, less water, and fewer chemicals in order to be processed.

Get your hands on one of our many Le 31 dress coats made from recycled wool.

Recycled Nylon and Polyester

Coming from post-consumer and post-industrial textile scraps, they are a solution for diverting waste away from the environment.

REPREVE® Recycled Polyester

The REPREVE® trademark produces a variety of polyester fabrics that are completely made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles and other waste. The recycled plastic flakes also serve as an insulating material, which is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to down.

Many of our quilted coats have gone green and are made entirely of recycled polyester, from the fabric to the fill!

Responsible Down

The down and feather insulation used in our products comes from farms that have been recognized for their responsible treatment of ducks and geese and that have been certified by an independant organization.

Canadian Brands

Moose Knuckles

Made by Canadians for Canadians! A family-owned company with a modern feel, Moose Knuckles creates top-of-the-line coats cut from luxurious materials and designed for the freezing cold.

Discover their urban-chic parkas and puffers.



For 50 years, this Montreal brand has handcrafted its coats. Synonymous with highly durable quality, Kanuk designs win hands down when it comes to warmth.

Face the worst of Quebec's winters in one of their timeless styles.

Quartz Co.

Inspired by harsh winter weather, this family-owned company from Quebec designs contemporary Nordic coats that’ll protect you from the cold and withstand the test of time.

Find modern designs by Quartz Co. that are exceptionally durable and warm.


Founded in Vancouver, this brand offers sports and outdoor apparel that combines innovative design, high-performance materials, and highly functional construction.

Test out Arc’teryx’s advanced technology!

Ready to redefine the joys of winter?

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