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Interview with Melissa Del Pinto, painter who attended MURAL Festival

15 June 2015

Montreal-based painter Melissa Del Pinto has welcomed us into her studio to show us a world where birds are larger than life.

The young woman first became fascinated with these feathered creatures at a very early age. Melissa was introduced to birds when she was 5, through a teacher who raised canaries. Now the mother of two young children, she is constantly balancing her life as a mom with her life as an artist. This challenge may require a lot of commitment, but Melissa has found it to be immensely rewarding.

The artist’s style centres on placing birds in the spotlight. Her aim is for the public to focus on the animal rather than its surroundings. It is for this reason that she uses opaque colours as the background in her pieces. Each bird has its own personality, which the artist strives to illustrate as accurately as possible.


In 2015, Melissa Del Pinto was asked to be part of a group of artists that would create a mural for the Montreal MURAL Festival, held on Saint-Laurent Boulevard from June 2‒12. 

Mural Mural

When the MURAL team contacted me, I was surprised and honoured to have the chance to participate in the festival that year. Finding myself among artists and muralists who had been at this for 10, 15, even 20 years was a humbling experience.

Though Melissa was nervous and anxious in the beginning, her fears fell away once she got to work on the wall. With her passion and confidence restored, she completed a work featuring a magnificent raven framed against a pink backdrop.

Crow Crow

The raven is my favourite corvid. I know it's often associated with bad omens, but it is so much more than that. It possesses an incredible depth of emotion.

Simons is proud to have had a hand in turning this urban space into a work of art. According to Melissa Del Pinto, the partnership between Simons and MURAL is a significant boost for artists seeking to take their vision to the next level.

Simons + Melissa Del Pinto