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Meet the Models

1 Feb 2018

It’s not every day that two major models step into our studio,
and even more rare that both call Canada home!

We were excited to sit down with Elizabeth Davison and Steph Smith in order to learn a little bit more about these lovely ladies who brought our Twik transition collection to life in front of the lens. Read on as they let us in on how they got their start, a few highlights from their careers so far, and what they love about life in the Great White North. 

E L I Z A B E T H   D A V I S O N

What was your dream career as a child?

Elizabeth: I wanted to study bugs. When I was a young kid, I always really liked them.  My mom loves telling this story: I think I was in Grade 3.  I came home and I was super proud. That day had been a really good day for me.  I opened up my backpack and I had put 36 snails inside.

How did you get your start in modelling?

Elizabeth: I was 13 and my auntie called my sister and I over to this job that she was doing, because she does hair.  She was like, “Just come and see what I do for a living.” So my sister and I went to the industry event and the guy running it walked up to me and just signed me on the spot. It was super instantaneous.
I didn't really know what I was doing.

We’ve had your sister modelling with you in the past.
What’s it like to model with your sister?

Elizabeth: I actually love it because we are such good friends. It’s funny because you’ll go on set and you’ll be working with [another model], and they’ll be like, “Pretend she’s your best friend, or pretend you’re sisters for the day,” but it’s actually nice when that’s true. We work really well together, so they’ll tell us to be natural and it will turn into a really nice shot.  When I work with her is really the only time I get to see her.

Who inspires you? The person doesn’t necessarily have to be involved in fashion.

Elizabeth: That’s a tricky question. I think it changes for the different places I am in my work or in my life. I would say my mom.  I feel like that’s a pretty safe answer, but it’s a true one. I can always count on her and she’s been through so much.  If I ever need help or if I ever need support and encouragement, I can talk to her and it’s good.


How would you describe your personal style?

Elizabeth: My personal style changes all the time depending on my mood. I can go for a total “Little House on the Prairie” look one day, and then the next day, go for business casual. I like changing it up, but I do like simple, classic style.

What have been some highlights of your modelling career so far?

Elizabeth: The first time I did Chanel, I was freaking out. They do your hair and your makeup all in one room, take you to get dressed, and then you're brought into a third room and that's where Karl is. I had prepared myself to see him, but I don't think you can ever fully be 100% ready to see someone like that. It was cool, because when I walked into the room, he ended up just being a super sweet guy. He wasn't intimidating at all. I really loved doing the show because it was such a nice atmosphere.

I also think that the very first show I did when I was 15 was a highlight. It was an exclusive for Alexander Wang. I was also freaking out, but it was really fun because the music is super pumped up, everything is very intense, and you don't really know what to expect.


Do you have any favourite Canadian designers?

Elizabeth: Erdem! I love Erdem! I know that he is London-based now, but he is the sweetest man and I love his sister. It is so sweet that they still work together.  And it is so much my style, like when I said I have that “Little House on the Prairie” look. His clothes feel like a costume to me because they are still very much gorgeous and chic, but with a character to them, and I love that so much. He's definitely my favourite. I did his lookbook one time
and I was so happy the entire day.

Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up in Canada and what that was like?

Elizabeth: I actually grew up all around Canada.
I was born in Vancouver, I stayed there for 2 years, and then I went to Ontario for 7. It’s always been more in the country, so we’ve had horses, we’ve had chickens, we’ve had dogs—we’ve had everything! But, even though I spent most of my childhood in Ontario, I feel more like I’m from Alberta. That’s where I go back to now when I visit my parents. It’s so nice because my town has 150 people. It’s so small, so everyone is so close. And it’s the middle of nowhere, so I really do feel like I can escape big city life where everyone knows me and go to a place where I can just be anonymous in a way,
and it’s a super nice feeling. 

What's the best thing about living in Canada?

Elizabeth: I would say the country. It feels so genuine. Because I'm a total country girl, when I'm coming home, it feels like I'm coming home.  I'm really proud to be Canadian.

Has being Canadian influenced your career at all?

Elizabeth: Kind of, because everyone just assumes I'm really sweet. It starts a lot of conversations because then they can joke about what accents I do and do not have. I think it's an initial way to be liked, because they automatically connect Canadians with really nice people. No one hates Canadians.

S T E P H  S M I T H

What was your dream career as a child?

Steph: A bunch of different things. I switched around so much.
I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, just everything.


How did you get your start in modelling?

Steph: I went into an open call at Elite in Toronto and they signed me.
I did some test shoots, went to New York, met agencies, signed with Women, and went from there. I was 15 and excited.
I really wanted to do it.

Who inspires you? The person doesn't necessarily have to be involved in fashion.

Steph: I think a lot of different people with what they are doing.
I'm not sure there's any one person in particular.

What have been some highlights of your modelling career so far?

Steph: Probably the beginning. The beginning was really awesome
because I opened the Proenza Schouler show, and then did Miu Miu, and just did a bunch of really awesome stuff. So that was very exciting. And then there’s always those pinch-me moments when you book a client that you really wanted to work with.

Do you have any favourite looks from the runway that you've worn?

Steph: The Prada looks are always awesome, as well as the designs from Prabal Gurung. They're all beautiful.

 Do you have any favourite Canadian designers?

Steph: Erdem is great obviously, like Elizabeth said. I love Mikhael Kale. I'm actually wearing a sweater from him today. He's one of the first Canadian designers that I walked for in Toronto Fashion Week, so that was really cool.  And he's the nicest person ever too.

Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up in Canada and what that was like?

Steph: I was born in Montreal actually, in Pointe-Claire, and then when I was about 3, we moved to Kitchener, Ontario. I moved around a lot, but it was good.  I have some good friends and my boyfriend now lives there too, so it’s good.

What's the best thing about living in Canada?

Steph: I mean, health care! I don't know, I think it's a lot calmer and less go, go, go, which is nice. It's always great to go to New York and I love it there as well,
but it's always nice to get home and relax.