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Meet Pierre, a singer-songwriter

23 Dec 2020

Original singer-songwriter. Builder of eclectic universes. Passionate about art and design. Pierre Lapointe is a brilliant jack-of-all-trades who’s been lighting up the francophone art scene for nearly 20 years.

He’s a talented wordsmith who knows how to tap into diverse talents for his collaborations. “I’m used to working with a lot of people. It’s enlightening to share one’s thoughts with others. I like encountering different ways of thinking and creating something through a real collaborative effort.” Illustrators, visual artists, choreographers, architects, and stage designers have thus crossed Pierre’s path and created marvels with him.

He sees his artistic projects like small research labs. He seeks to understand how to push the limits of language to convey emotion as accurately as possible. “I’m always looking for a complementary medium to emphasize and amplify the basic effects created by a song.”

Using songs as a means to deliver a multidisciplinary experience brings him much joy. As a result, his work amazes, fascinates, and arouses people’s passions,
both on stage and through recordings.

In the spring, Pierre’s hectic social and musical life came to an abrupt halt. He had to cancel projects he cherished and postpone shows. The regular Montreal-Paris commuter, who was used to a fast-paced life, was forced to press pause like so many of us. He decided to weather this peculiar storm away from social media.

“I chose to live in silence and not to share my feelings with the world, out of respect for my friends who are struggling much more than I am. I couldn’t rectify the situation, so I tried looking for the good in it.”

Did Pierre Lapointe also start baking bread? We’ll never know. He’s certainly been cooking as never before. In fact, he’s enjoyed doing so, even when really tired. “I also discovered the empty city; an emptiness I somehow found very lively. It was very strange, albeit soothing, to take a walk on a Wednesday evening and feel as though it was 4 a.m. on a Sunday. I think this situation underscored the stress we feel in our everyday lives.
The pandemic changed our relationship with time.”

He experienced a real shock later on. “I went to rehearse for the national holiday show when I returned to work. For the first time in four months, I saw friends, sang, and heard music. When I went home that evening, there were tears in my eyes. I thought to myself: ‘I love my job so much! What happened?’ I missed it more than I thought I did.”

Pierre’s summer and fall featured studio visits and interviews in preparation for the launch of his Christmas album. “The more I think about it, the more pleased I am to have had the intuition to launch Chansons hivernales this year, rather than the next. It was a bright and motivating project that brought structure this fall and had a positive impact on my mental health. Having my mind occupied with a specific activity and biking across the city to get to the studio felt like having a pretty normal life.”

We know the audacious Pierre Lapointe well enough not to expect a cover of Jingle Bells or Oh Christmas Tree. Instead, he’ll be presenting new songs; some joyful and light, others melancholic and moving, portraying his bittersweet relationship with the holiday season. “I love the holidays, but it can also be a very difficult time. That’s when we often re-examine ourselves and take stock of the past year.”

Chansons hivernales has already been playing on a loop for the past month. Nothing could wrap up this special year more beautifully, during your virtual holiday celebrations or small family gatherings, than Pierre’s captivating voice.