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Meet Jade, a communications student and model

4 Dec 2020

We're delighted to introduce the lively Jade Cholette, model and communication sciences student at Université de Montréal. You may have already caught a glimpse of her on our website or in one of our stores, since this isn't her first time posing for Simons' cameras.

She's quenched her thirst for new experiences since beginning her university studies. While she expected a typical back-to-school season, the full campus experience and meeting new students, she instead had to get used to taking her classes online. Although somewhat destabilizing, the current situation has its upsides: it allows her to study at night and work during the day, and therefore experience all the excitement modelling has to offer. “I like when things are never the same. Every day is like a first day at work: a new team, new people to meet, and opportunities to evolve creatively with them.” 

Her field of study offers a wide range of opportunities where she'll have the chance to grow and fulfill her potential. “I have a wide range of interests, which is why I chose to study communication. I am the kind of person who goes with the flow to see where life takes me!” Jade greatly appreciates her experiences in the fashion world and imagines herself working for a magazine after graduating. 

One thing is certain: she needs to stay active! “I realized that I took going out, seeing my friends, and playing sports for granted. The last few months have made me change my habits.” Her latest discovery: dance workouts! Used to gyms, she's discovered, like many of us have, that there are many training routines available online for home workouts. “It's not always easy to get motivated but finding what's right for you makes things easier and more fun!”  

Jade has a special place in her heart for the holidays, as it's the perfect time to spend time with family and share a good meal. It's usually a potluck affair, with everyone bringing a dish, and the mood is always festive! 

“My mother's uncle brings his accordion. When we can see each other, he plays it and we all sing Christmas songs together.” 

Jade loves decorating! When she was younger, she loved to find her mother's old decorations, which she would invariably showcase year after year. She's also about to spend her first Christmas with her boyfriend in their apartment. As soon as they're done debating the type of tree they want (a natural or an artificial tree, that is the question), they can take the time to slowly build up their own collection of holiday ornaments. Over time, these decorations will become their new classics, traditions that will warm their hearts.   

Taking advantage of the holiday break, she and her mother start up the stove and bake cookies. The kitchen has become a comforting haven for her. Since she can no longer go to restaurants with her friends, she tries to spend time in her own kitchen. She finds recipes that will take her time to make in order to fill up her evenings and delight her taste buds. What's her specialty? Pastries! 

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