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Meet Ellie, a life coach

2 Dec 2020

When the lockdown began last March, Ellie Ballentine, a life coach and facilitator, was moved to use her skills and expertise to help others. “I think these kinds of things call upon us to do things very differently,” she explains. “It stirred something in me to reach out to my community and people in ways that I wasn't before. It brought out a deep sense of caring in me and allowed me to show up outside of my comfort zone. I always try to be in alignment with my gifts and talents, where my expertise lies, and then say, ‘How can I serve?'” Following this calling, Ellie began holding free sessions on Zoom every Wednesday evening to teach people how to calm their central nervous system and to explain their feelings from an emotional intelligence perspective.

During these sessions, Ellie helped people meet their fear, doubt, and anxiety in new and proactive ways. She explains that instead of allowing these negative emotions to rule over us and dictate how we act, we can balance our focus with positive emotions like love, faith, and trust. Asking ourselves questions such as, “What would love have me do? What if I trusted myself and I trusted the situation, what would I do next? If I had faith in life, what would I do next?” can be extremely powerful and effective in changing our outlook. “What you believe, you perceive,” she says. “When we can learn to say, ‘I understand that things are uncertain, but I'm not going to let the pandemic determine who I am. I'm going to determine what the pandemic is to me,' that's a big mindset switch for a lot of people.” It's not only empowering, but it also allows us to see what opportunities lie in the current situation. “This has really forced people to think outside of the box, to think outside of the paradigms in which they've been living their lives,” Ellie says, “and I think that's what the invitation is here too.”

Remaining open to new possibilities can certainly be beneficial as we enter into a holiday season in which many of us may not be able to be with the ones we love. When asked what advice she would give to those who find themselves in these circumstances, Ellie reminds us that, once again, it's about altering our mindset to see opportunities for creating joy. “For me, winter is a season of bringing light inside. How can I shine some light for everybody?” Since we're not together, she notes that simple gestures like sending care packages, reaching out to family in an email, or writing a handwritten letter to someone are now more meaningful to others and ourselves. But as Ellie explains, it all starts with our decision to be open to these occasions for joy. 

“I really do think that this is an opportunity to love deeper and wider. To not only love ourselves on a deeper level, but also to hold space for our family and the world. We're realizing that, wow, this has happened to all of us. There's something very beautiful about that notion of unity.”

If you are interested in additional resources, Ellie encourages you to visit her website where you'll find a free meditation, affirmations, and a 4-step questionnaire to help you examine your thoughts. 

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