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Meet 7Starr, Goof, and Sin'cere, krump dancers

8 Dec 2020

When asked how he would describe krump, a street dance style characterized by energetic and exaggerated movements, to those who had ever seen it before, 7Starr, a Canadian krump pioneer, responds with an answer that is a mixture of science, poetry, and passion.

“Ultimately, it is an extrapolation of concrete reality manifested through raw expression.” A skilled teacher, 7Starr proceeds to break this down. “We take thoughts, experiences, and emotions that are here and that are real, but we allow ourselves to bring them to new dimensions that make sense to us in the moment. And that's where the freedom kicks in. Krump is so freeing as a dance because it's real, but at the same time, there is something that is unreal and extra about it. That's why people love it, because they can be extra with it. That's real freedom.” 

Sin'cere and Goof, 7Starr's protégés—or “little homies” as they are known in the krump world—share the same enthusiasm and passion as their mentor for krump's capacity to allow for freedom of expression. “Krump is the interpretation of who you are,” Sin'cere explains. “What's great about it is that you can explore all sides of you, even those that you don't explore in your everyday life. Krump is vulnerability in however you're feeling.”

“For me,” Goof adds, “krump opened my eyes to what freedom is because it's a dance in which you can do anything you want, as long as you understand the basics of what you are doing. The sky's the limit.” 

Being one of the first people in Canada to have embraced the style, 7Starr explains that the most fulfilling aspect of the dance for him at the moment is seeing how it has grown in Montreal and across the country over the past 15 years. “What makes me happy nowadays is to see the next generation. We started this in a little park and didn't have anything. Now, we're doing our thing and influencing people of all backgrounds, across the country, and around the world. There's a satisfaction to seeing that we've paved the way and now people can jump in and enjoy the style.”

As members of this new generation of krumpers, Goof and Sin'cere are excited to play a role in the dance's development and progress. “The dance is evolving every single day, every single second,” Sin'cere says. “Being part of that process and history is really great because 10 years from now, the dance may be elsewhere, and we can say we were a part of that growth.”

A recent development for krump that's caused a buzz on both the contemporary and street dance scenes is 7Starr's performance in Anima/Darkroom, a piece he co-choreographed with the talented Lucy M. May and that was presented at La Chapelle in 2019. For his solo performance, 7Starr was awarded the Prix de la danse Montréal 2020 in the DÉCOUVERTE Category.

“Anytime your work gets noticed, it's always appreciated,” he says. “This is a good win for krump. Every time I win, it's not for me. I do it for the culture at the end of the day, because if everybody is eating around me, then that's what matters.”

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