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Making products that make people happy!

30 Mar 2017

Every day, Danica’s creative team gathers in a big, open-plan design studio in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant Downtown Eastside, with British Columbia’s breathtaking ocean, mountains, and forests as a backdrop.

The creative process always begins with a lively group discussion that includes their beloved, four-legged, furry friends, who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

These wonderful people carry on the core values of collaboration and inclusion established by the two founders, Jeremy Braude and Rodney Benson, two South Africans who immigrated to Canada and entered the housewares industry in the 1980s. Their mission: To create beautiful objects and offer the best decor products.


“We don't just design our products, we use our products. There's a very personal connection to how we create our products, and we design things we want in our own homes.

We've recently added a Team Picks feature in our catalogues that showcases some of our employees' favourite products.

We truly love what we do and care about the final outcome. There's a reason why our mantra is The Company You Keep.”


Starting out with a simple metal pot rack in 1984, Danica has evolved by striving to research and understand influencers in the design world.

“Our illustrators, creative team, and favourite artists work in a collaborative design process and draw inspiration from culture, the arts, and our travels around the world.” 

“We are so proud to be perceived as a colour and trend leader in the housewares,
home, and gift industry!”

“We strive to ensure that we always offer something fresh and unique to our customers. We love to see feedback on social media and learn how folks use our products in everyday life, that's the best reward. We want to create a product that makes people happy and when we can see that happening, our job is done. We're committed to quality, service, design, innovation, and care in all aspects of our company, at every level.”

All these ingredients paired with a work environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle make Danica a company where colours and trends become more than just fashion, they become vehicles for social interaction that help spur the imagination and make dreams a reality.

“Even if our creative team travels the world, British Columbia is still our favourite playground. Camping and outdoor adventures throughout BC are an integral part of many of our lives. We live in this beautiful, majestic, diverse nation and are surrounded by rich natural landscapes and a wide spectrum of cultures.”

How fortunate are we to be able to design in the midst of this spectrum of inspiration and to create products that people appreciate because they have a story to tell?


“We enjoy a very aligned creative aesthetic with the Simons team and have found so many commonalities over the years. We’re proud to be a Canadian company with a strong sense of belonging and that takes good care of its employees and business partners.

Simons is a truly Canadian company with such a rich history and like values to our own. It’s not surprising that there’s such a strong level of trust and respect between our companies!”