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28 Feb 2017

In the meantime,
learn more about the three causes in particular that speak to us.

WSC brings together 14 provincial and territorial shelter organizations representing over 400 shelters across Canada. Our mission is to work as a unified voice for systemic change to end violence against women, while providing leadership for collaboration and knowledge exchange among shelters and transition houses across the country.

Donations help women across Canada connect with a nearby shelter or transition house through, enable peer-to-peer learning among shelter workers nationally, and help change the national conversation in order to end violence against women.

Shelters offer a multitude of services for the women and children they serve, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, both in the shelter itself and in the wider community. They are a beacon of hope for thousands of women and their children every year.


The NWAC works to advance the well-being of Aboriginal women and girls, as well as their families and communities through activism, policy analysis, and advocacy.

They are one of the five officially recognized National Aboriginal Organizations (NAOs) whose purpose is to represent and speak, at the national level, on behalf of Aboriginal women in Canada.

Files being addressed by NWAC include: education, employment and labour, environment, health, human rights and international affairs, and violence with a special focus on missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

CFWH believes that every woman should have equitable access to optimal comprehensive health care, provided with integrity and compassion in Canada and around the world.

Their mission is to advance the health of women in Canada and around the world through research, education, and advocacy in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Additionally, we support some of the most innovative women’s health research efforts and programs to provide women in Canada
and in low-resource countries with the basic necessities to simply survive childbirth.