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Let's Support Canadian Food Banks

2 Nov 2020

"Generosity is an admirable virtue. It's the gesture of a truly noble soul."
- Charles de Saint-Évremond 


To our beloved community, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Once again, you've shown that your actions are guided by generosity and empathy.

Thanks to you, $454,200 will be donated to Canadian food banks.

Thanks to you, food baskets will be distributed to those in need in each province and territory in the country.

Thanks to you, the holidays of thousands of people will be brightened and warmed by hope and love.

Together, we are able to overcome difficulties. Let's be proud of how far we've come and be confident about the future.


Now more than ever with the holidays approaching, Simons wants all Canadians to have a hot meal on their table. Since no one deserves to go hungry and in order to draw this year full of challenges and emotions to a close, help us in making this period a bit brighter for those in need.  

Thanks to the generosity of the Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid's family of community foundations, we'll be donating the equivalent of 30% of sales made on November 3 to food banks located in every province and territory in the country. All you need to do to support your community is make your purchases at Simons. Together, let's encourage people to pull together, to share with each other, and to strengthen the bonds that unite us all. 

We especially recognize the efforts of these organizations that, all year long, support individuals and families in their region. Get to know a bit more about these food banks that will be receiving our contribution:

Société St-Vincent de Paul, Quebec City

For over 175 years, the Société St-Vincent de Paul and its 2,600 volunteers have fought against poverty and social exclusion by helping people with low incomes in the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. 

Hot Lunch Program, Quebec City

This initiative by the Central Quebec School Board provides four hot meals per week to students from low-income families or in special situations. Over 65 young people in the Quebec City area thus benefit from a balanced diet, helping them tackle their school day. 

The Hamper Campaign, Quebec City

For 25 years now, the organization has distributed holiday baskets to families in the Quebec City region. In the last few years, over 200 baskets have been handed out thanks to the generosity of the Capitale-Nationale's English-speaking community.

Moisson Rive-Sud, Quebec

Moisson Rive-Sud is the largest food bank in the Montérégie region. Each month, the non-profit organization provides food security for nearly 18,000 people, including 7,000 children.

Moisson Montréal, Quebec

This Canadian food bank distributes the most food items, with over 550,000 requests for food aid filled each month from over 250 organizations on the island of Montreal.

Moisson Laval, Quebec

In the last year, the organization has counted on the 79,051 hours generously given by its volunteers to support its community and supply food to organizations and families in the Laval region. 

Moisson Estrie, Quebec

Through community organizations and direct aid, Moisson Estrie is dedicated to reducing food waste and redistributing food to individuals and families in times of economic vulnerability.

Moisson Outaouais, Quebec

In the last year, Moisson Outaouais has distributed close to 2 million pounds of food in its region, thereby ensuring the food security of members of its community living in difficult socio-economic conditions.

Ottawa Food Bank, Ontario

By partnering with over 100 emergency aid agencies, Ottawa Food Bank provides non-perishable food, essentials for children, as well as personal care and hygiene products. For them, it is important that, from one end of the city to the other, everyone can start their day with a full stomach.

Mississauga Food Bank, Ontario

It is in the hope that one day no one will suffer from hunger that the Mississauga Food Bank distributes healthy food to those in need and promotes food distribution in its city, located on the outskirts of Toronto.   

Calgary Food Bank, Alberta

Thanks to over 9,000 volunteers, the Calgary Food Bank is the community's first resource for individuals and families in urgent need of food. According their statistics last year, over 150,000 hours were voluntarily devoted to helping more than 190,000 Calgary residents. 

Edmonton's Food Bank, Alberta

Meeting the food needs of over 20,000 people each month, the organization wishes to prevent and address food scarcity, but also to generate hope and strengthen mutual support in its community. 

Greater Vancouver Food Bank, British Columbia

It's by helping over 8,500 people per week that the Greater Vancouver Food Bank accomplishes its mission of providing healthy food for the members of its community. Each year, close to 5 million pounds of food are received and distributed to those in need.

Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, Saskatchewan 

In addition to providing food to over 230,000 people in the last year, the organization offers its community cooking, literacy, and workplace experience courses, as well as clothing and essential products for the home and for personal hygiene.

South East Helping Hands, Manitoba

More than 25 communities in Manitoba benefit from the support of South East Helping Hands. The organization is generously dedicated to donating food for those in urgent need, as well as locating services and support resources.

Inuvik Food Bank, Northwest Territories

Thanks to the generous donations of those living in the Northwest Territories, the Inuvik Food Bank is able to provide food, essential home items, and personal hygiene products for those in need in their community.

Niqinik Nuatsivik Nunavut Food Bank, Nunavut

Fully operated with the help of a hundred volunteers, the organization helps to reduce food insecurity for hundreds of families in the Inuit community through community kitchens and food donations.

Greener Village, New Brunswick

In addition to buying and distributing $1.25 million worth of food to the needy, the organization offers cooking classes and access to a community garden to locals. Over 1,300 people are supported by Greener Village every week.

Feed Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia 

Their mission is to increase the food security of the inhabitants of their province by distributing food. They are also looking to develop sustainable solutions by educating and raising awareness for the challenges that hunger and poverty can pose. 

Upper Room Hospitality Ministry, Prince Edward Island

This organization that was founded 36 years ago offers non-judgmental support and food aid to those in need in its region through a warm and inviting soup kitchen and the donation of food baskets. 

Bridges to Hope, Newfoundland and Labrador

Bridges to Hope food bank distributes food baskets containing fresh fruits and vegetables, and even homemade bread. Dedicated to strengthening food security and reducing the effects of poverty in the community, the organization also offers a snack service to its youngest clientele as well as access to a community kitchen.

Whitehorse Food Bank, Yukon

Thanks to hundreds of hours generously offered each month by their team of volunteers, the Whitehorse Food Bank supports poverty reduction efforts in its community while providing food to those in urgent need.