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Rainy Day Essentials

24 Feb 2020

As winter fades away and we transition into spring, the weather can get pretty grey and rainy. Don’t get discouraged though! We’ve prepped a list of essential pieces and accessories that’ll brighten up even the dreariest of days.

To Keep You Covered

A Raincoat

To ward off the rainy weather and protect your clothing, a raincoat is a must. The European brand Rains specializes in designing durable, waterproof coats and bags that come in a range of bold and classic designs. Navy blue, army green, canary yellow, iridescent black, translucent white… Chase away grey days by slipping on your favourite shade.

A Trench

Certain occasions require you to be a bit more dressed up. For going out on the town or for work functions, opt for this English-inspired coat. In addition to being timeless and trendy, many trench coats are protected by a water-repellent treatment. This makes them wonderful options for combatting wet weather. Chic, right?

A Packable Puffer Jacket

When the sky is variable and unpredictable, this sporty coat is an ideal choice. It can easily fit into your purse, suitcase, or glove compartment so that you can have it handy whenever you need it. Discover our exclusive packable jackets made of waterproof recycled nylon. They are practical, durable, and eco-friendly.

For Stepping Through Puddles

Knee-High Boots

Heading off on an adventure in the rain?
Gear up with a pair of classic rain boots. Their height will protect you as you jump over (or through) puddles. We particularly love the designs by the British brand Hunter that stand out for their flawlessly smooth and sleek finish. 

Chelsea Boots

For a few seasons now, Chelsea boots have been on the feet of all fashionistas. It comes as no surprise, then, that we decided to design a waterproof version! Their short and feminine silhouette is made out of either coloured, matte, or shiny rubber and will keep you dry while simultaneously winning you plenty of style points.

City Boots

Looking for boots that you can wear all year long?
Opt for a pair of city boots, like those made by Dr. Martens or Timberland. Equipped with serrated soles, these all-terrain boots are rugged and comfy. Make sure that the uppers are water resistant or waterproof them with a shoe protectant.

To Be Better Equipped

An Umbrella

Brighten up your grey days with an umbrella that comes in a vibrant colour or covered in a fun pattern. We especially love this clear umbrella by CLIMA bisetti that attracts attention and will instantly put a smile on your face with its childlike sketches.


Don't like umbrellas?
In order to avoid getting your hair wet, opt for a bucket hat or a cap. Our styles that are made of waterproof nylon or that are quick drying will add a hint of colour and lots of comfort to your wardrobe. 


In order to protect your precious personal effects, gear up with a bag that's resistant to rain showers. We have a soft spot for styles from Rains. They are modern, durable, and come with innovative details, like watertight zips. Discover our selection of backpacks, totes, and belt bags and choose the one that will meet your everyday needs.

Don’t let the rain ruin your day!
Pick up these trendy, must-have pieces for wet weather.

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