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Vitamin E: Protects and Repairs

24 Jan 2020

Name: Vitamin E

INCI* Name: Tocopherol

Profile: A water-soluble vitamin whose most biologically active form is α-tocopherol

Since its discovery in 1922, vitamin E has made a lot of progress. Originally extracted from plants, it was synthesized for the first time in 1938. However, the body is better able to absorb vitamin E’s moisturizing properties and medicinal benefits when it’s in its natural form rather than its synthetic form.

Nowadays, vitamin E is frequently found in a wide range of cosmetic and medicinal products, including supplements. Acting as a powerful moisturizer, it’s also a top antioxidant. Because it has protective and reparative properties, it helps heal scaring from wounds, burns, and cuts, like those that can be caused by a razor.  

Discover vitamin E’s multiple benefits for beards, skin, and hair. 

For Beards

Vitamin E is known for softening beard hairs, making them easier to clean and shave. It greatly improves blood circulation and thus encourages hair growth.

For Skin

When skin is exposed to UV rays, smoke, and atmospheric pollution, it produces free radicals and other undesirable molecules that damage collagen, DNA, and skin cells. This leads to aging. Vitamin E fights these effects by neutralizing the free radicals and also protecting and nourishing the skin. With its help, skin stays hydrated, soft, and smooth.

For Hair

Vitamin E plays an important role in the health of our hair. It reduces cellular damage, accelerates growth, and helps maintain a healthy scalp. Vitamin E restores the brilliance and shine of hair that's been damaged by chemical products and heat.

For skin, beard, and hair care, vitamin E has proven its worth and is a powerful ally to have in any cosmetic product.

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* International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

**Slight precaution: This ingredient is normally safe, however, testing it on a small area of skin is always recommended before use as some people may notice irritation. If this is the case, stop use.