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La marée basse (low tide) and all its treasures

28 Apr 2017

Just like the shoreline, our naturalistic works of art and our studios are created and built by the rising and falling tides...

Photo credit: Maude Jomphe

Each season, they travel up and down the beaches, looking for rare specimens nestled in the hollows of seaweed and for clusters of algae left behind by the falling tide. "Each walk along the shore becomes an adventure, a quest for beauty in this powerful and omnipresent nature..." 

This is how they fall under the spell of the tiny treasures left like offerings by the sea on the sand: sand dollars, pebbles, seas stars, seaweed, shells...

Like the colours on a painter's palette, sea urchins, crustacean shells, algae, and even bones find their place beside one another, forming pieces where each specimen works in harmony with the others.

Photography, calligraphy, watercolours, poetry... all forms of art are used to give new life to these natural marvels!


A simple beauty comes from these pieces; nature in its simplest state; nature beautified.

It all started in 2004 when Nicole Gravel, a documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, artist, painter, and naturalist, fell in love with the Magdalen Islands!

As she roamed the 300 kilometres of sand and discovered each of the archipelago's beaches, she developed a growing passion for the sea. She slowly started her collection and meticulously catalogued her finds.

Accompanied by two young artists, Maude Jomphe, a photographer and graphic designer, and Catherine E. Fournier, an illustrator and watercolourist, Nicole finally began this great adventure: À Marée Basse!