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Knowledge Cotton Apparel: An eco-friendly collection!

7 Mar 2017
Photo credit: Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a Scandinavian menswear company that uses highly responsible environmental practices. Innovating, recycling, and choosing eco-friendly fabrics is at the heart of the creative process for making their clothes.

This season, Knowledge Cotton Apparel brings us to Mexico's beaches, where plastic pollution is a very real problem. Discover how the company collects plastic and transforms it from bottles into on-point fashion pieces.

The bottles are collected directly from the shore, are shredded, and then transformed into polyester fibres. Knowing that it will take 450 years for a bottle to decompose if it's not recycled, it’s easy to see how Knowledge Cotton Apparel contributes to reduce plastic pollution.

Every year, 10 million tons of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans. This is the equivalent of one truckload of garbage being tipped into the sea every minute.

Jorgen Morup


"I was born and raised in Herning, a small town in Central Jutland, Denmark. There, from basements, garages, outbuildings and factories, the clacking and humming sounds of sewing machines was heard day and night. Herning was a bustling textile centre, and here, people who dreamt of making things were given the space to do so."

At 21, Jorgen knew nothing about textiles, but he worked hard, learning by making and fixing his own mistakes. "When I received that first order and had my first customer, I sang all the way home in my car!"

The more experience he gained, the more he was fascinated by and appreciated technology’s contribution to his industry. As he learned about new innovations in the fashion field, sustainability naturally came to his attention as an engine for designing new and unique products. "I created my first green product more than 25 years ago."

"Over time, as technology and trends have changed, my commitment to knowledge, innovation, and natural choices has not. This is a personal philosophy."


In addition to processing plastic, Knowledge Cotton Apparel is actively engaged in the entire production chain of its clothing, from raw material to finished garment. they reduce their impact on the Earth by following good practices, such as treating natural resources with respect and care.

Participate in this great awareness-raising movement for responsible consumption. Support sustainable innovation with clothing by Knowledge Cotton Apparel that's now available at Simons, and be part of a positive circle that helps to change the world!

The company’s philosophy of "GAIN KNOWLEDGE," "TAKE ACTION," and "EARN RESPECT," are values that Simons shares wholeheartedly!

Knowledge Cotton Apparel offers casual, high-quality clothing with modern and nautical Scandinavian details. The collection includes T-shirts, knitwear, jeans, chinos, and jackets, as well a underwear, swimwear and accessories—the essentials for a complete men's wardrobe, created using sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics. You will recognize Knowledge Cotton Apparel by their friendly owl logo!