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The North Face: In Exploration Mode

15 Apr 2020

The North Face is the story of an expedition to the hidden side of the mountain, the one that calls to the hearts of adventurers and that feeds their quest for exploration, innovation, and style. It's also a foray into the wild side of nature that the company highlights and preserves with new, high-performance collections that are increasingly eco-friendly.




Year 1 of an adventure that perpetually pushes the limits of the outdoor wardrobe. Two fearless hikers set up their basecamp (a mountaineering specialty store) in San Francisco Bay.


Year 2. Barely having begun their ascent, they started designing and manufacturing their own line of mountaineering apparel and equipment. The North Face jackets were soon followed by The North Face boots, as well as an entire assortment of high-performance equipment for outdoor expeditions. 


Year 14. The North Face’s team tirelessly climbed slopes and cliffs, attracting athletes from all over the world. Mountaineers, hikers, climbers, runners, and adventurers were willing to test and develop its technical products designed for the great outdoors. Always looking towards the future, the company took an interest in snow sports and launched their own collection of skiwear that featured fluorescent colours, pastel tones, and trendy ski suits.


Year 24. At this stage in the climb, the Half Dome logo began to cross borders. It notably headed north and became The North Face Canada. It explored the highest peaks and bustling streets of the world’s largest cities. The brand ventured off the beaten path and travelled to the heart of urban jungle. There, innovation was queen, and style its king. The company designed cult favourites like The North Face Nuptse and Mountain coats, pieces that were tested by globe-trotters on some of the world’s tallest mountains and that, today, are appreciated in everyday life by one and all.  



Year 54. The expedition isn't losing steam. On the contrary, it's taking a new direction and returning to its roots. The North Face is bringing what it does best to the forefront with sensational improvements. Look out! The 1990s are back and better than ever!

The Starting Point for a New Adventure

The '90s were a decade of nylon tracksuits, polar fleece, sherpa, flannel shirts, colour blocks, convertible pants, and utility details… all key elements of the vintage looks we love to replicate today. However, modern versions from The North Face are reworked with an enhanced focus on environmental responsibility and equipped with the most advanced and exclusive technology, like Futurelight, Thermoball, Flashdry, Dryvent, and Windwall. Worn alone or combined in a multi-layer outfit that's perfectly adapted to all conditions, these technologies allow clothing—and you—to take on any weather. 

The brand’s signature camo print from 1996 easily transitions from the city to the great outdoors, setting up camp on puffers, plush hoodies, polar fleece jackets, and weekender bags.

The bright, contrasting colours in the Extreme collection take us back to a time when neon logos and colour blocks were all the rage. The Half Dome symbol is ubiquitous, often coming in fluorescent hues that remind us of mountaineering gear.

Hiking influences have redesigned the anorak, windbreaker, and raincoat (a rainy day essential) in straight, loose, and comfortable fits that allow you to move freely in both good and bad weather. It’s also brought back iconic sports sandals from the 1990s, as well as belt bags, bucket hats, sneakers, and hiking caps.

Looking Towards the Future


Having climbed to the pinnacle of trendy retro style, The North Face is now admiring the horizon that’s full of possibilities for preserving the beauty of wide-open spaces. In making its clothing and accessories, the company chooses materials not only for their high-performance technical properties, but also because they are environmentally responsible. 

The down in many of their puffers is RDS-certified (RDS standing for Responsible Down Standard). They also use Thermoball technology, an eco-friendly synthetic alternative to down that keeps you just as warm. One of the brand’s growing collections, Eco Heritage, is made exclusively of recycled down, nylon, and polyester. Another collection, Renewed, offers refurbished clothing and gives new meaning to the company’s motto, “Never Stop Exploring.” 

Beyond its choice of components, the company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint in manufacturing its products. It’s also involved in the community, encouraging people to move and explore by supporting non-profit organizations. They have an unquenchable thirst for adventure and for bringing people together. 

Since it began, The North Face has put the environment, style, and performance at the heart of its mission of exploration. Nature is its raison d’être, its playground. It’s what has given birth to the brand’s most iconic pieces and what is bringing it back to its roots today in order to aim for new heights.

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