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I.FIV5 x CPAWS | Exploring Lands of Hope

8 Apr 2019

Summer 2019

Remember last April when i.FiV5 partnered with CPAWS to celebrate and protect our national parks? Well, thanks to our "Creating An Echo" collection, we were able to raise $20,700 for the organization.

On the 3rd Saturday of July, take advantage of Canada's Parks Day to appreciate these valuable green spaces and the important role they play in our ecosystem.


Spring 2019

With our eco-friendly I.FIV5 collection called “Creating An Echo,” we hope to shine a light on the environmental issues that we at Simons care so deeply about. We've had the opportunity to partner with CPAWS—an inspiring Canadian charitable organization—to celebrate Earth Month 2019.

365 days a year, CPAWS devotes its time, energy, and resources towards protecting our nation’s wilderness and the valuable ecosystems that stretch from one coast of Canada to the other. We believe there is an important lesson to be learned from the organization’s conservation efforts and their fight to keep Canada’s public land and water wild. 

In hopes that a harmonious and respectful relationship might be attained between humans and the environment we live in, we’d like to take this opportunity to list a few of the extraordinary Canadian locations that exist in our very own backyard.

Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, Montreal, Quebec

It's nature in all its splendour mere minutes away from a bustling metropolis, talk about the best of both worlds! Whether going for a walk, bike ride, or canoe trip, Îles-de-Boucherville National Park is a paradise for athletes all year long. The 5 small islands that make up the park are beloved by the residents of Montreal and the surrounding region who, from its scenic views of the St. Lawrence River to its lush forests, can attest to the richness and scope of the park's plant life and wildlife.

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Magpie River, Côte-Nord, Quebec

Coursing through the heart of one of North America’s largest expanses of wilderness (second only to Alaska) is the Magpie River, one of Quebec’s last untamed rivers that stretches for 280 kilometres. Internationally recognized as one of the top white-water destinations in the world, the river is a favourite among recreational tourists and thrill seekers. In a campaign to protect the waterway from the ongoing risk of hydroelectric development, CPAWS Quebec commissioned a study that emphasized the white-water potential of the Magpie, comparing it to other famous waterways like the Colorado River, a favourite among kayakers.

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Gatineau Park, Ontario

Each season seems to bring out the best of this 361-square-kilometre patch of land that makes up Gatineau Park. Located in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, this prime destination for outdoor activities is an absolute must-see for anyone living in or visiting the National Capital Region. Hiking, camping, and a long list of water sports are just a few of the things one can do here. Despite it being one of the few places in Canada with such rich biodiversity, it is not yet recognized as a national or provincial park, leaving it vulnerable to certain risks and threats.

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Northern French River Watershed, Ontario

An important hallmark in Canada's heritage, this historic watershed runs a winding path through heavily forested areas of rich and luscious pine. From Lake Nipissing all the way to the Georgian Bay, the French River flows through a long series of small lakes, waterfalls, and rapids. It’s the perfect spot for a scenic picnic on one of its banks of exposed glaciated rock, a long and leisurely canoe trip, or a day spent cliff jumping for more daring folks. What’s more, the river is one of Ontario’s last sources of clean drinking water and is home to a great number of animals native to boreal forests, and for that, it is incredibly precious.

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Canada's Wild West, Alberta

South of Calgary and east of the Canadian Rockies exists a sweeping area full of pristine lakes, white-water rivers, wide prairies, and stunning views that’ll take your breath away. Kananaskis, Whaleback, Castle: every one of these pockets of mountainy wilderness are essential pieces of the ecological puzzle that is Alberta. These exceptional areas need protection from inappropriate recreation use and increasing industrial pressures.

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Woodland Caribou Habitat in Northern Alberta

In the backwoods of the great Canadian wilderness lumbers the large and regal silhouette of one of Canada’s national emblems: the woodland caribou. This majestic member of the cervid family tree is an umbrella species, which means that its presence supports the survival of a great many other species. Only fifteen herds remain in Alberta’s boreal forests and mountains that cover close to a quarter of the province’s surface area. Unfortunately, this animal’s population is drastically declining due to climate change and human activity (forest fires, poaching, sound and sensory pollution, oil drilling, and road development). However, this is a situation that's not too late to fix!

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British Columbia’s Protected Parks, Trails, and Ecosystems

Alpine meadows, old-growth forests, sweeping grasslands, and the Pacific Ocean: welcome to beautiful British Columbia, the most biologically diverse province in Canada. The many protected parks, trails, and ecosystems that make up this stunning landscape are home to some of the planet's most spectacular natural wonders. Boasting over 20 million tourists a year, it has proven its worth as a recreational attraction time and time again. This has made it incredibly susceptible to human pressures, which threaten many of its native species.

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When you purchase a garment from our Creating An Echo capsule collection, $5 will be donated to CPAWS to help them protect and preserve these incredible locations that surround us. It’s a smart way to contribute to the protection of the great and beautiful Canadian wild while satisfying sports lovers at the same time. Look for our exclusive tag in store!