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Recreate Outfits from Your Favorite TV Shows

17 Oct 2019

Fall is here, accompanied by crisp breezes and lots of caramel lattés. Bundled up in a cozy blanket, take advantage of the bad weather to reconnect with your favorite characters from Netflix. In fact, why not use them as inspiration to refresh your wardrobe? Today, we’ve got seven outfit suggestions inspired by the most striking heroines from the small screen.

Sabrina Spellman
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

For the second year in a row, Netflix has surpassed our expectations with their modern interpretation of this comic book character. Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) is confident, altruistic, and totally trendy. Episode after episode, we’re utterly envious of her wardrobe!

Inspired by how she dresses, we've created an outfit that'll add a bit of magic to your look. We've paired a pinafore dress, illusion tights, and black headband with a ruby red top, the key color in this young witch's world.


Maeve Wiley
Sex Education

Here's a new series that has surprised and won over all audiences! Created by Netflix, it addresses current issues while depicting endearing friendships and romantic relationships. We suggest recreating the look of the character Maeve (Emma Mackey), a rebel who's really a softie at heart.

Photo credit: Netflix

This teen girl with cotton candy pink streaks in her hair stands out for her vintage-inspired wardrobe that combines dark colors with punk rock vibes. In order to replicate her look, wear a faded jean jacket with a minimalist top, a workwear skirt, and fishnet tights. When it comes to accessories, Maeve never leaves the house without lots of layered necklaces and a pair of army boots.


Rebecca Pearson
This Is Us

For four seasons now, This Is Us has touched our hearts and moved us to tears. The members of the Pearson family have grown up and evolved over the years… just like their sense of style!

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox Television,  NBC

Since we’re constantly wowed by the wardrobe of Rebecca (Mandy Moore), we thought it would be fun to do a fashion flashback to the ’80s! All you need is a beret, denim skirt, paisley-print shirt, and a pair of high-heel boots. Finish off the look with a pair of pretty earrings, exactly like Rebecca would.

Stranger Things

It’s impossible not to be fascinated by the incredible universe created by the Duffer Brothers! Celebrated at the Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, Stranger Things never ceases to surprise us. Season after season, it delivers suspense, introduces us to new characters, and provides its audience with lots of style inspiration.

Photo credit: Netflix

We particularly loved the show’s latest makeover of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). If you want to recreate her new look, mom jeans are a major must. Style your hair with a scrunchie and put on matching suspenders as well as a solid-color or patterned bowling shirt like the ones worn by this telepathic teen.

Nostalgia, nostalgia…

Despite the success of the all the new series produced by Netflix and its competitors, sitcoms like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office are still major must-sees. In fact, The Office was the most streamed series on the digital platform in 2018.  Why not use them as sources of inspiration?


Pam Beesly
The Office

We’ll never get tired of seeing the adventures of Michael Scott (Steve Carell), Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), and their colleagues as they navigate the unexpected, incredible, and implausible scenarios set up by this mockumentary TV series.  

In order to show your love for the show, opt for an office outfit inspired by everyone’s favorite receptionist, Pam (Jenna Fischer). Recreate her signature style by wearing a straight skirt, shirt, and pink cardigan. And why not acknowledge her Dundie Award by sporting a pair of bright white sneakers?

Buffy Summers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This famous vampire hunter, portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, marked the beginning of the 21st century with her kung fu moves and cool clothing. Since all the trends from this time have come back in fashion, here’s how to style an outfit worthy of being worn around the halls of Sunnydale High.

Photo credit:  20th Century Fox Television, The WB

Slip on knee-high boots, a miniskirt, a bodysuit, and add pretty retro barrettes. Then, it’s just a matter of getting all your essentials together (like your schoolbooks, silver cross, and garlic cloves), which you can carry in a beautiful backpack.

Carrie Bradshaw
Sex and the City

Every fashionista sees a bit of herself in this chic, confident, and colorful character brought to life by Sarah Jessica Parker. For a night, we suggest stepping into the stilettos of the one and only Carrie Bradshaw! 

Inspired by ’90s fashion, this outfit consists of a sexy satiny dress with a draped collar, a fur coat (a signature piece of clothing in the closet of this Manhattan resident) and, of course, a hot pair of high-heels. 

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