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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

1 May 2019
sport bras training sport bras training

Whether you’re a runner, love practicing yoga, or are a CrossFit fan, one item that’s a major must in your workout wardrobe is a sports bra. Since popular brands offer a variety of very distinct styles, deciding between a Nike, a Chambion or an adidas sports bra can be difficult! Read on for some of our tips to help you pick the perfect technical piece that will not only provide support but will also be comfortable for your chest. 

Why Are They So Important?

Physical activity causes the breasts to move three dimensionally. As breasts are made of tissues and ligaments, this type of movement can lead to premature stretching and sagging.  Proper chest support prevents any stretching, irritation, or discomfort.

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra: The Basics

There are two types of sports bras, encapsulation sports bras and compression sports bras. Encapsulation sports bras have cups, like regular bras, but provide more support. As for compression sports bras, they press the breasts against the body. In order to determine which bra is best for you, you’ll have to determine what level of support you are looking for.  

Light Support

A light support sports bra is meant for activities with low impact, like walking, yoga, and weight training. They are recommended for those with smaller breasts.

Characteristics: Look for a compression sports bra made out of a light, breathable fabric that features thin straps and an elastic under the chest. 

Examples: The strappy-back sports bra by I.FIV5, the Indy Soft sports bra by Nike, the Alosoft ribbed trim sports bra by Alo yoga, and the Seamless Longline sports bra by Under Armour.



Medium Support

These styles are best for moderate-impact activities, like biking, aerobics, and Pliates. However, they are not recommended for women with larger breasts.

Characteristics: Look for a compression sports bra with wider straps. Racerback styles are recommended, since they provide more support. You'll be able to recognize these models by their more rigid and resistant materials.

Examples: The mesh-back V-neck sports bra by I.FIV5, the soft cotton logo sports bra by Champion, the Halter 2.0 white mesh sports bra by adidas, and the Swoosh sports bra by Nike.

High Support

These bras are meant for high-impact activities, like running and CrossFit. They’re great for all bust sizes and are especially recommended for those women with larger breasts.

Characteristics: Look for encapsulation sports bras or a style with moulded cups. If the straps are straight, they must be wide and adjustable. Styles with hook closures offer even more support!

Examples: The Show-Off sports bra by Champion, the Vanish High sports bra by Under Armour, the micro perforated racerback bra by Champion, and the floral print sports bra by Champion.

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