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The Summer Party That'll Be a Smash Hit!

10 Jul 2018

The first act of the day takes place in the yard, where the stage must be perfectly set!

To define the space and make it comfortable for your guests, start laying down decorative rugs that are specially designed for the outdoors.

Circular beach towels with pretty fringed edges are perfect to put out for a relaxed atmosphere. 

Enhanced by colourful poufs and printed cushions, the decor starts to take shape!
Bright, intense shades pair with fruity, tropical patterns and produce sensational results.

Save yourself from worry by opting for waterproof accessories that will withstand bad weather and the sun's strong rays.

When it’s time for intermission, water the sweet-smelling plants and pretty flowers that decorate your planters.

Gather all the fresh ingredients you’ll need for your culinary creations! 

To welcome your guests and whet their appetite, put together fresh appetizers to snack on.
Thread cubes of watermelon and feta cheese onto small skewers and top everything off with fresh basil leaves.
Place them on a pretty decorative tray in order to delight your audience's eyes as well as their taste buds!

As it comes time for cocktail hour, quench the thirst of kids and adults with a delicious mocktail.

Pineapples, summer's fruit superstars, will steal the spotlight!

When you're about to serve, a sprig of rosemary and the petals of a few edible flowers will give your glasses the perfect finishing touch. Get ready for a guaranteed standing ovation! 



To end the day in the very best way, add throws and lanterns that will warm the hearts of all your guests when the sun sets.
This is the key to celebrating and enjoying summer’s spectacular soirées to the max!

A European design that’s exclusively available in Canada at Simons!

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