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Festival Season

15 May 2018

Thousands of people will be there. Listed on the line-up are dazzling performances, lots of music and fun, new friends, and that feeling of being part of an utterly unforgettable experience. Over the next few days and warm summer nights, lifelong memories will be made.

Will you be a part of it? Here, we’re giving you VIP access to the latest trends and creating festival looks that fuse your musical preferences together to form a perfect harmony!


After the sun sets in the rose-coloured sky, the rhythm picks up, the bass makes the ground shake, the crowd erupts, and the celebration starts. To party and dance to the beats of the world’s best DJs, express your style with on-point pieces.

Start with a light top that’ll keep you cool and comfortable all evening and bring a zip-up sweatshirt or a track jacket as an extra layer in case it gets cold. An iridescent bag or a transparent visor will finish off your look perfectly.

So that your feet can also join in on the fun, sneakers are the best option. Simons has tons of on-trend kicks that will help you keep the beat. Sporty styles, hot neon hues, and hats are other elements that will make your ensemble as electrifying as the evening!



Escapade (June 23-24, 2018, Ottawa, ON)

Chasing Summer (August 4-5, 2018, Calgary, AB)

Île Soniq (August 10-11, 2018, Montreal, QC)



In the hustle and bustle of the city centre or in a huge park, different stages are being set up where you can let yourself be carried away by a multitude of musical styles. Here, new artists and the best-known bands shine bright under the spotlights. You know all their hits, you've been waiting to see them for so long, and now you're counting on being right in the front row.

For this busy summer day, opt for an effortless outfit that doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort and style. A spaghetti strap dress with a minimalist handbag or backpack is a perfect pick for the festival. 

For guys, basic tees with summery prints,
lightweight patterned shirts, and denim
Bermuda shorts are the style stars
you'll want to be wearing. 

Then, in the evening, your jeans, raincoats,
and light windbreakers will prove to be the best
concert buddies for letting you enjoy every bit
of the action, up until the very last note.

Field Trip (June 2-3, 2018, Toronto, ON)

Osheaga (August 3-5, 2018, Montreal, QC)

Skookum (September 7-9, 2018, Vancouver, BC)


Do you dream of wide, open roads lined with endless fields and long walks under a big blue sky? The time for adventure is finally here. Fill up the gas tank, turn on the radio, and set off to the sounds of the guitar while country and folk’s greatest hits float through the air. Your destination: an utter escape.  

Flowers are the season's headlining
motif and whether embroidered or printed,
they take any piece to the next level.
Wear them with blue denim for an authentic
Western-inspired look. 

To be a true boho beauty, you can also opt for
a top that shows off your shoulders,
a fluid kimono, fringed accessories,
as well as some cool cowboy boots that were
made for walking…and for standing out!

Cavendish Beach Music Festival (July 6-9, 2018, Cavendish, PE)

Edmonton Folk Music Festival (August 9-12, 2018, Edmonton, AB)

CityFolk (September 12-16, 2018, Ottawa, ON)



Before the biggest names hit the stage, take the time to discover these accessories that deserve our undivided attention and that will complete your look perfectly. 

First of all, sunglasses are a must so you
won't be blinded by the sun… or by the brilliance
of your favourite artists' performances! From our
vast selection at Simons, oversized frames and
coloured lenses are particularly popular this season.  

The cap is a star that's coming out of the
shadows and stealing the spotlight during
summer festivals. Sporting the logos of
athletic brands, messages, and exotic motifs,
it will keep you covered in style.

Finally, don't leave the house without
your bag—a major must for carrying all
your essentials on this long journey.
Backpacks wow by being fashionable,
functional, and comfortable, while waist
packs make a major comeback as a top trend.