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Eco-Friendly Wrapping Options for Going Green This Holiday

22 Nov 2019

Put Mother Nature on your gift list this year! In order to make the holiday season a snap and to put your environmentally responsible conscience at ease, we've come up with reusable and recycled gift wrapping ideas. No more wasting paper and ribbons or buying single-use bows! Eco-friendly and economical, these sublime creations are sure to make your loved ones smile.

Fantastic fabrics for celebrating 

We’ve really fallen in love with the Japanese technique of using furoshiki, square pieces of fabric, to wrap gifts. With fabrics that are colourful, textured, or that feature pretty and festive prints, you can have fun testing out several folding patterns. This way, you’ll get distinct and dynamic results that are adapted to the shape and size of your gift.

Ostukai TsuTsumi

Our kitchen linens and tea towels are perfect to use as furoshiki. In addition to being soft and cute, they can be used throughout the year and for the holidays next year.

Having trouble mastering the folding technique? Not to worry. Simply wrap your precious gifts in the fabric of your choice and secure it with string or ribbon.  

Beautiful gift baskets

Gift baskets make fabulous presents for hosts and hostesses and are also a super alternative to disposable bags. Made of wicker, metal, or felt, they will look pretty and be perfect for holding the individual items that you want to give to those who have shown you such amazing hospitality. 

Decorative bags will steal the spotlight at your holiday celebrations. As exciting as Christmas stockings, they contain surprises that kids and adults will be eager to discover.   

These useful items can also serve as organizational accessories in your home. Store the styles that have a wintery aesthetic with your holiday decorations and then reuse them next year. It'll be great for your budget and the environment! 

Rejoice over recycling

Those who read newspapers and magazines can give their publications a second life. Instead of buying single-use wrapping paper, use a few pages that you've already leafed through in order to wrap your gifts. This eco-friendly collage will look colourful, geometric, and chic. Why not finish off your wrapping with a decoration made of recycled magazines to carry your theme through to the very end?

Parents with creative kids? You can do exactly the same thing with the many drawings that have been made with love by your little one.  A fantastic display of their artwork will take shape under the tree and fill them with pride. 

The extras that definitely make a difference 

For DIY-ers who love to do more, we have a selection of utterly charming decorations and ribbons. Have fun pairing colours and patterns, hanging adorable ornaments, and tying things together with these fantastic finds. 

For something sweet that will also perfume your presents, attach dried plants or fruits. Orange slices, eucalyptus leaves, sprigs of lavender, and pinecones will accentuate the remarkable cachet of your presentation. There’s no doubt that your loved ones will appreciate this terrific finishing touch!  

What type of wrapping will you make your signature? In order for the contents to be as attractive as the container, browse our gift guide or our green gift ideas for men, women, and the home