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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

15 Nov 2019

Looking for sustainable and ethical gifts? Give everyone on your list the chance to start off 2020 on the right foot with our gift ideas that are as unique as they are eco-friendly.

A zero-waste coffee machine

Got a coffee-lover in your entourage? Wow them with a wooden coffee maker by Canadiano. This ingenious handcrafted item brews coffee in a minimalist way without a paper filter. You just need to place it on top of the cup and add coffee grains and hot water to enjoy a rich, creamy, and velvety smooth coffee. 

A reusable cup

While they’re made of paper, coffee cups from major chains are not recyclable in many cities due to the waterproof film that lines the interior. The result? Millions of coffee cups end up in garbage dumps each year in Canada. Without a doubt, a reusable cup is indispensable for reducing your environmental impact. Our pick is a collapsible style by Stojo that’s made of recyclable silicone.  

Food wraps

There’s no longer any reason to use disposable plastic wrap with all the pretty alternatives available! We love the wraps by Goldilocks Wraps that come in original patterns. Made of cotton, beeswax, and jojoba oil, they easily seal with the heat from your hands in order to keep food fresher for longer. You also can’t go wrong with stretchy food wraps by that perfectly mould themselves to the shape of foods and bowls for waterproof protection and lasting freshness. 

Reusable straws

It's estimated that 500 million non-recyclable and non-biodegradable straws are thrown away each day in the USA alone. However, reusable straws have come to the rescue! There are now styles for everyone on the market: Bamboo, stainless steel, non-toxic silicone… we particularly love the beautiful crystalline models made by glass blower Brook Drabot

Zero-waste snack bags

Indispensable in your lunch box, these are gifts that everyone will appreciate! Kids and adults love these styles featuring fun patterns that are handmade in Quebec by Kidsak. They're easy-care and even machine washable. Reusable bags by Stasher are also charming due to their versatility. Made from plastic-free platinum silicone, they even allow you to cook food in the oven and microwave. 

Bamboo utensils

The advantage of bamboo? Its ability to completely biodegrade. A set of bamboo utensils is the essential starting point for a zero-waste lunch box. Look at the models by OLA Bamboo. This Quebec brand uses moso bamboo, which isn't consumed by pandas and that grows naturally, without any chemical products added. It even donates a portion of its sales to the Compensation CO2 organization in order to plant trees in Quebec. 

Reusable makeup removing pads

Easy and machine washable, the makeup removing pads by OLA Bamboo provide an eco-friendly alternative to disposable makeup pads while also being soft on the skin. Also try the makeup remover pads and cloth by Cloth in a Box. They can easily be used by adding a bit of water or a drop of makeup remover.

Natural care products

Treat your loved ones to non-toxic body products that are handmade! You'll definitely delight them with the brand Province Apothecary. Its remedies for the skin are entirely made of natural ingredients that come from Canada. We also have a soft spot for the Quebec collection Chanv and its hemp oil care products that are made without GMOs and are phthalate and paraben-free.

Handmade biodegradable soaps

Numerous bars of soap on the market are made with palm oil, which is responsible for the deforestation of tropical regions. And that’s also not taking into consideration all the additives they contain. Instead, try soaps made entirely from natural ingredients that don’t contain palm oil, like those by the brand Milca from Trois-Rivières. Their sweet scents and ability to hydrate will charm absolutely anyone! Also, discover soaps by Alvéole, and organization that works to set up beehives in cities. They are made of 100% local beeswax and honey that’s harvested from urban rooftops.    

Organic cotton pyjamas

Who doesn't love a pair of cozy PJs? Wow them with our whimsical styles made from cotton fibres that have been grown according to methods that minimize the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Take a look at our galleries of eco-friendly clothing for men and women in order to see everything we offer in organic fabrics. 

A recycled polyester robe

We love that we can transform scraps of fabric into these cozy cocoons you can snuggle up in! And we know that your loved ones will love them as well! Wrap your near and dear ones up in a soft robe made of recycled polyester. Discover all our clothing made from recycled fibres for men and women.  

Organic cotton socks

Did you know that organic cotton production consumes half as much CO2 as conventional cotton? It also reduces the use of blue water coming from valuable underground sources. It’s just one more reason to love these pretty patterned socks made with an organic cotton blend.

Polar fleece clothing from plastic bottles

Our exclusive soft fleece garments were produced using REPREVE® fibres made from recycled plastic bottles. Warm and comfortable, they are perfect for making the most of the wonderful winter days ahead. 

Organic cotton boxers

Dinosaurs, gingerbread cookies, bears, reindeer… find sustainable underwear that will make him smile from our exclusive selection of whimsical styles. Made of stretchy organic cotton jersey, they’re guaranteed to be extremely comfortable. 

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