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Eco-friendly Activewear

26 Oct 2016

While it’s important to keep warm and covered when the temperature starts to drop, it’s also important to know that the production and consumption of technical clothing can put nature at risk. This is why Simons likes to team up with brands that are taking action to promote sustainable development. 

Discover the eco-friendly outdoor clothing companies selected by our buyers. 


Founded in 1994 by Jeremy Moon, Icebreaker is a company that specializes in making outdoor clothing out of merino wool, a completely natural material. Icebreaker's merino wool comes from wild sheep and is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The company teams up with manufacturers that have impeccable ethics in order to guarantee the exceptional quality of their products.

Icebreaker produces light, highly breathable clothing that fits like a second skin and is perfect for outdoor activities. Besides having remarkable technical qualities, their clothes are always elegant and feature unique details. In fact, the New York Times described the brand as being, “Wool with sex appeal.” 

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This Canadian brand appeared at the foot of the North Shore Mountains in British Columbia in 1991. Arc'teryx is a high-performance equipment and clothing company that features minimalist styles for skilled alpine skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, and cross-country runners.

In order to fulfill its environmental responsibilities, the company focuses on prolonging the lifespan of its products by carefully selecting fabrics that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, Arc'teryx ensures that its production processes help to preserve natural resources and to protect humans and the environment. The company also collaborates with local organizations in order to preserve wild spaces.

Discover the collection for women and men.


Originally from California, Patagonia was created by Yvon Chouinard in 1972. The company offers a wide range of eco-friendly technical clothing for alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country running, surfing, climbing, mountain biking and much more.

Since being founded, the company has taken concrete measures to reduce the social and environmental impacts of its products. For example, Patagonia has used organic cotton in all of its cotton products since 1996. Also, it has reduced its energy consumption with the help of solar panels and an L.E.D. lighting system. Their employees also benefit from a program that encourages carpooling and the use of public transport.

The company, which contributes 1% of its annual sales to environmental associations, was the first to officially join the network of bluesign® system partners in 2007, a system that guarantees use of safe and environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods.