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Decorating on a student budget

15 Aug 2017

Scrolling through a myriad of gorgeous, inspiring home decors on Instagram or Pinterest, we often find ourselves dreaming of transforming our own home with the latest trends. One, tiny problem? The budget.

As students, our bank accounts don’t allow us to go on wild shopping sprees…

However, there are plenty of creative and affordable ways to redecorate an apartment without going broke. We’ve decided to share a few tips with you through three alternatives to enhancing your decor, with three different, feasible budgets. Here we go!

The first thing to consider when decorating with a limited budget is making the room cozy and inviting. That way, you'll be sure to feel happy and comfortable in this environment.

The good news is, this is super easy to achieve!

The emphasis must be put on the central element of the room, which often gets noticed first. You've probably guessed it, we're talking about the bed. That's what you must focus on! If you can dress your bed to make it stunning, then you already score many points.

The first thing to buy is a duvet cover (it is your lucky day, because we have exclusive Simons designs offered at exceptional prices).

The one which wins over your heart will then guide you through the rest of your purchases. Get inspired by its pattern, its colours and its style to pick a comfortable throw and soft pillows. These items will without a doubt be indispensable for your movie nights, or to help you through a long evening of homework and studying.

If your budget allows for a few more expenses, the next step is decorating your walls.

Say goodbye to boring, plain white paint and say hello to pretty, colourful framed illustrations! Plants are especially trendy at the moment. Our unique collection features various images of cacti and exotic leaves.

Our designers have also created different patterns and drawings, inspired by your lifestyle. Pick your favourites, offered exclusively on our website, and create a wall arrangement worthy of being shared on Pinterest

With this budget, you can certainly have a bit of fun and treat yourself to a few unique and distinctive elements.

For an eye-catching effect, why not use strips of wallpaper to create a chic, trendy headboard? Instead of a traditional lamp, why not go for an unconventional one, like a silver, arrow-shaped wall lamp? And why not spoil yourself and choose a modern, ergonomic chair to furnish your study corner?

Together, these elements will certainly embellish your apartment in no time at all.

There you go! Now that you're inspired and are ready to begin, go to to find all these items, and more.

Have fun, and have an amazing school year!