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Danica x Simons Maison: Together for an Eco-Friendly Collection

26 Apr 2019
danica x simons maison tablecloth danica x simons maison tablecloth

For many years, Simons and Danica, a Vancouver design company, have had a special relationship. Already actively involved in environmental issues, Danica was the perfect partner to develop a collection of eco-friendly decor items in collaboration with our Simons Maison buyers. After many months of work and exchange between the two teams, a new textile collection made from plastic bottles is now seeing the light of day: Recycled. 


Why create new fabrics using plastic bottles?

On the websites for UNESCO and Radio-Canada, we read that over 220 million tons of plastic is produced every year(1)  and that almost 8.8 million tons ends up in
our oceans.(2)  

More than one million seabirds and over 100,000 marine mammals die each year due to plastic debris.(1)

Even in our landfills, plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. For just one water bottle to disappear from the earth’s surface, it can take up to 1,000 years.(3)   

By collecting and transforming plastic bottles before they find themselves in our ecosystem, we’re helping to reduce our environmental impact and to save plants and animals. 



How do plastic bottles become elegant and sustainable products?

plastic transformation plastic transformation

1. The plastic bottles are crushed and ground into tiny pieces.

2. Extreme heat is applied to melt the material, which is then extruded as a filament through a mechanism that resembles a showerhead, just like polyester!

3. The filaments must be extruded over a distance of several metres so that they can cool while keeping their shape.

4. The filaments are spun and dyed.

5. Finally, the threads are woven, and the desired prints can be applied. 


Designed by Danica exclusively for Simons Maison, this collection of decorative textiles is entirely made from recycled plastic bottles. Easy to care for and wrinkle-resistant, the items have been created to easily adapt to your everyday.

Tablecloths, kitchen accessories, duvet covers, cushions, and shower curtains were developed to be sustainable, but also timeless. We’ve spotlighted geometric shapes and neutral shades but have also included bolder accents for those who can’t get enough colourful decor. 

Modern city

Short, sleek, tone-on-tone navy lines run along this fabric adding a chic and elegant touch to your decor. 

Organic triangles

Abstract and irregular geometric patterns in shades of grey give nomadic-inspired decor a modern feel. 

Vibrant geometry

Colourful and dynamic, this bright yellow design shines in warm and youthful decors.



The Canadian company is proud to have participated in the Climate Smart 2011-2012 program where it conducted an inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and developed strategies to reduce them. 

Danica also encourages its employees to participate in positive actions for the environment at work. For example, they replaced paper towels in the bathroom with 100% cotton towels. In the break rooms, Soda Stream machines with reusable bottles have been installed as a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and soda cans. 

In an additional effort to support sustainable practices, the company prints its paper napkins and many of its catalogues on FSC-certified paper, made from postconsumer waste.

From a social point of view, Danica is committed to giving 1% of all its profits to the Education Without Borders foundation, which aims to foster educational opportunities and provide educational infrastructure in disadvantaged regions of the world.