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Holiday Gift Ideas for All the Ladies on Your List

20 Nov 2019

Every year, it’s a challenge to find presents that are perfect for all the wonderful women we know. What should I get my sister who loves watching Netflix? What are some great gift ideas for mom who loves to cook delicious dishes? What should I get my roommate who’s always ready for her next trip?  It can be a real conundrum. But we’re here to help! Together, we’ll pick out the perfect gift. 

For the athlete

Her agenda is filled with indoor and outdoor activities. Tuesday night, she’s skiing down the slopes. Thursday morning, she’s hitting the gym. Saturday afternoon, she’s headed to a yoga class. She never stops! Give her gifts that work with her active lifestyle! 

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For the fashionista

She loves to look good and take care of herself. For her, it’s all about the details. Give her something that will make all the difference in her day-to-day life. Jewellery, beauty care, and handbags are what will make her day.

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For the globe-trotter

You know she dreams of travelling all over the world, and she needs to be ready. Be her personal travel agent. Pick out bags, blankets, notebooks, and anything else she’ll need as she prepares for takeoff.

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For the queen of keeping cozy

She is all about being comfy and loves to snuggle up in fuzzy, warm fabrics. Wrap up soft slippers to hug her feet, pyjamas to keep her stylish and snug, and a throw she won’t want to go without.

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For the animal lover

Cats, dogs, marine mammals, exotic animals—she loves them all. Give her more to love with socks, mugs, and even cushions that feature a few of her favorite creatures. 

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For the foodie

Her table is always beautifully set, and she welcomes you with open arms. Cooking, eating, trying new recipes, and entertaining loved ones in her happy home are just a few of her favorite pastimes. Fill her kitchen with accessories, tablecloths, and aprons that will make her into a master chef!

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For the lady who has everything

Everyone knows someone who has it all. What are great gift ideas for women who have everything? What about a gift card! It’s impossible to go wrong. She’s guaranteed to find something that she loves!

Ready to start crossing names off your list?