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The Best Workout Clothes For Men

7 June 2019

A guide for runners, golfers, gym buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts!

What should you be looking for when it comes to choosing workout clothes? Should the activity, exercise, or sport be considered when picking one’s outfit? What are the biggest trends in activewear right now? We’ve got all the answers for you right here!

To begin, there are a few general tips to keep in mind: Lightweight, breathable fabrics are a must. Look for synthetic, technical materials that wick away moisture and eliminates odours. For the most part, there are only a few natural fibres suitable for athletic activities, merino wool being one of them. Not only is merino wool perfect for summer, it’s a great choice for winter as well thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature. Swap out your everyday socks for athletic socks as they allow your feet to breathe and prevent blisters. Finally, make sure to wear clothes designed specifically for the sport or activity you’ll be playing or pursuing to make sure you’re exercising right.


Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of men’s running shorts? Are you hoping to find a T-shirt or tank top that doesn’t get in the way of your exercise? If you’re a passionate runner with a need for speed, then fitted clothes are the clothes for you as they're lighter and prevent friction. Wear men’s slim shorts, fitted shorts, shorts with built-in support, or leggings. Compression shorts are another great option that support muscle and improve blood flow. For an outfit that offers freedom of movement while keeping you modern and stylish, there’s no beating today’s top combo: running shorts over a pair of men’s leggings.

As for tops, opt for a fitted T-shirt or tank top made of technical fabric you can wear solo when it's hot, as a base layer when it's cold, or beneath a breathable and waterproof windbreaker when it's wet. For a touch of what's trendy, get your hands on (or arms into) compression sleeves, a current fashion fave you can coordinate with the rest of your outfit that keeps you stylish, warm, and compresses your muscles for better blood flow. Reflective details are also shining bright this season! Practical for running at night or early in the morning, there's nothing wrong with wearing them during the day for a touch of the futuristic.

There’s no question that running shoes are one of, if not the most important part of your jogging routine. However, running shoes are nothing without their closest companion: socks. To stay comfortable while running, make sure you choose socks that are high quality, breathable, ergonomic, and that hug and support the arches of your feet.


Get to know the champions of the golf course: polo shirts! It’s THE style every man needs and nothing has ever come close to replacing it. Sport it in technical fabrics that are breathable and comfortable. Golf apparel is huge right now and each day sees new interpretations of popular pieces taking over the locker room and style stage. Bright colours, stripes, floral patterns, colour blocks… Brands like Lacoste, Oakley, Puma Golf, Penguin, and Under Armour offer a plethora of options to keep you looking sharp on the green, with an honorable mention going out to Nike Golf clothing (must-have classics that are revisited every season)!

Pair your polo shirts with a pair of Bermuda shorts or a pant made of lightweight stretch material. Choose pieces that feature a silicon waistband to help keep your polo shirts in place while swinging your club.

To top off your look, wear a cap or a visor, a vital component when spending hours in the sun. We've grown particularly fond of mesh back caps for their ventilation, or caps with built-in sweatbands. For a more on-point look, opt for a brand name hat or cap sporting a patch or embroidered logo on the front.


When shopping for gym clothes, keep an eye out for two key characteristics: ventilation and freedom of movement. If your workout gear happens to make you look good while pushing yourself to the limit, all the better!

The tops that are at the forefront right now are those with mesh inserts to help your body breathe. Pick up a raglan sleeve T-shirt or tank top to let your arms move freely. The muscle shirt, a top that resembles a T-shirt with its sleeves cut off, is a major player this season (in the gym and on the fashion stage). For bottoms, wear men's workout shorts that are loose and easy to move in. Whether you wear them solo or over a pair of men's printed leggings is totally up to you! To add a unique, personal touch to your gym clothes, look for reinvented camo patterns and neon accents, two of today's hottest trends.

For cooling down, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tracksuits will get the job done. With sporty looks being a major trend this season, you can make things easy by going from the gym to the streets without even having to change. Sweatshirts and joggers by iconic brands like Champion, Nike, adidas, and Under Armour are a must, with visible company logos being especially trendy. Urban trackpants are another great option thanks to their ultra lightweight weave that’s as suitable for your workouts as it is for your downtime.  

under armour nike champion adidas under armour nike champion adidas


When it comes to taking on the elements, lightweight pieces that are rainproof and breathable are your best bet for staying warm and dry.

The number one rule for staying warm in your outdoor gear is: layering. For the most part, there are three layers for you to keep in mind. There’s the base layer, which hugs your body and wicks away sweat and moisture from your skin; the mid layer, which insulates you from the cold; and the shell layer, which shields you from the wind and bad weather. (Learn more about these layers here.) This rule of three can be tweaked depending on the temperature and season. For warmer days, it might be better to only wear two layers, like a summer sport coat over your base layer to keep the rain off. For colder weather, it's up to your discretion whether you need a mid layer or not. If your goal is to stay warm while staying light on your feet, you can’t go wrong with down. However, keep in mind that down is always better for dry climates. If it’s wet outside, the general rule of thumb is to go with synthetic fills and fabrics. (Learn more about the different kinds of insulation.)  

Choosing the right raincoat is important! A few questions to consider before you pick one are: Has the fabric been treated with a durable water repellant? Is it breathable? Are there ventilation eyelets at the armpits? Are its zippers sealed and airtight? When in doubt, put your faith in specialized outerwear brands that have more than proven themselves, like The North Face, Arc'teryx, and Columbia.

Eco-Friendly Activewear

Sensitive to environmental issues and on a constant mission to bring these matters to light, Simons has produced an activewear collection designed with the planet in mind. Made of recycled polyester, these shorts, tops, and coats were made for exploring the summery outdoors, but also for running and working out. For each item purchased, $5 will be donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). To learn more about this unique collaboration, read our article.

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