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Behind the Scenes: A Visit to Maison Jean Longpré

24 Dec 2018

Twice a year, our team in charge of artistic direction at Simons Maison sets out to select a house to act as a backdrop in our seasonal decor catalogue.

This fall, they were warmly welcomed into the home of professional photographer Jean Longpré, who has collaborated with Simons on many previous occasions and is known for his eye for stunning objects and locations.

Please join us on a tour through his idyllic home, located in the middle of a beautiful garden on a 9-acre property in Fitch Bay in Quebec's Eastern Townships.

The Maison Jean Longpré is a splendid combination of different influences. Though the master of the house has always had an affinity for modern architecture, the building’s rural setting made it more deserving of a country-style design.

Above all, Mr. Longpré wanted to give the place the look of a restored home rather than a newly built dwelling, and with his calculated use of rugged materials, sleek lines, traditional style, and cozy aesthetic, he succeeded in doing just that.

While the building’s exterior calls to mind the traditional “saltbox” look of colonial-era New England homes, its windows err more on the side of French design with dark brown outer walls reminiscent of Scandinavian cabins.

The building’s interior is where the homeowner’s love for contemporary design really shines through thanks to its open-air design inspired by urban lofts.

The central mezzanine, supporting the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom, adds height to the interior and provides an unobstructed view of the ground-level common areas. The window casings, built directly into the floor, allow for natural light to pass through to the rooms below.

On the main floor, the kitchen and its modern appliances give off a country-living vibe. The recycled-brick floor is inspired by classical European homes, as is its masonry fireplace, though the hearth itself is somewhat simpler than one might find in Europe.

The sleek steel structures and rustic wood accents found in the home act as a stylish contrast to the dwelling’s immaculately white walls and ceiling.

The maison has a personality of its own and gives off an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere.

Located a mere hour and 45 minutes by car from Montreal, the house is located in the Memphrémagog region of Estrie. Or, more specifically, the township of Stanstead in Fitch Bay.

As a tourist destination loved for its lakes and mountains, the landscape is regarded as a place to escape to, where one can enjoy moments of relaxation or outdoor adventure. A favourite pastime among visitors is to explore the countryside to discover the tiny villages nestled away in its mountains and valleys.

It's the perfect place to get away and recharge with some resort-living!

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