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Bags for Today and Tomorrow

4 May 2017

It's in this studio in the heart of Montreal that Molly Spittal gave birth to The Stowe, her brand of bags famous for their minimalist and structured designs. In 2012, she left the West Coast to grow her company in the Quebec metropolis where, today, all her creations are brought to life, from sketch to finished product.

Already having a degree in fashion design at the time, she found the item she wanted to offer the world. This is also when she fell head over heels for leather! She loved its durability, its ruggedness, the technical aspects of working with the material, and it's ability to be moulded like a sculpture…

Her sleek designs like her company’s vision reflect her mantra: Less is more. She prefers to use long-lasting, premium materials. “If you take some time to consider every purchase and try to buy high-quality, handmade goods, they will last longer (not to mention that they will usually be repairable). You will buy less because you have everything you need in just a few perfect items!” she explains. 

Photo credit: Instagram @thestowe

Instagram is still one of her best allies and her main source of visual inspiration. “I can scroll around for a few minutes at any given time and get an eyeful of work that independent designers and fellow female entrepreneurs are putting out into the world. The beauty and talent that is out there is just staggering, and so readily available,” she explains. She collects tons of tiny images as she goes and brings them to her studio…

Before moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, Molly Spittal’s story started in the Prairies, where she was born. She’s seen a variety of Canadian landscapes and has noticed one thing: Canadians support emerging businesses and independent designers. According to her, this explains all the talent and variety that we find here.

Europe could be in store in the next chapter of this Canadian company's story,
but whatever the future holds, one thing is clear:
The Stowe's bags will not be disappearing any time soon…