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Go sporty or retro for a chic back-to-school look!

10 Aug 2016

Actress Vanessa Pilon, the bubbly young host of VRAK.TV, can count us here at Simons among her biggest fans. Adventurous, inquisitive, open-minded and passionate, the vibrant TV personality was a natural choice for helping to unveil Twik’s latest back-to-school pieces.

A fashionista at heart, Vanessa weighs in on two of our most popular fall trends: Sporty Prep and Peace, Love & Fashion.


Inspired by the '90s

It's no secret by now that the '90s are, and always will be, a beloved era in fashion. This season, there's no mistaking its trendy vibe in patch-adorned baseball jackets, flared and high-waist jeans, and the sporty shoe's new best friend: the circle skirt. The decade's cult brands¬ – we're talking Fila, Adidas, Calvin Klein – are also everywhere you look.

Explore our inspiration gallery here.


Inspired by the '70s

The Peace & Love era will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Just ask Vanessa Pilon, who reveals it is unquestionably one of her favourite all-time trends. This season, its retro vibe revolves around velvet and suede in an array of spicy colours.  Fringes impart their signature touch as they sway with every movement, while laced detailing weaves through this look's hottest pieces.

Explore our inspiration gallery here.

During her visit to our studios, she talked about what used to make this time of year so special:

I absolutely loved school, and the holidays always felt long. I was a geek who liked hitting the books, and I was always so excited to shop for school supplies and outfits. All summer long, I’d be preparing for the start of classes. I’d check out what was in stores, look for ideas in magazines and cut out images to make inspiration boards. There was an entire process behind getting ready for school.

See for yourself why there’s no time like the past! Now is your chance to find a favourite look and era, and to discover what puts you in the back-to-school mood. Own the halls in the coolest, most stylish outfits with a little help from Vanessa Pilon in our videos on the latest trends.

Here’s to starting the year off in style!