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Argan Oil: A Luxurious Elixir for Hydration

19 Nov 2019

Name: Argania

INCI Name: Argania Spinosa

Profile: A plant from the Sapotaceae family


Argan is a plant originally from Morocco that produces a small round, oval, or cone-shaped fruit that’s well-known all over the world, mainly for its oil. Its numerous benefits have earned it the nickname “liquid gold.” In North America, this ingredient is only used in cosmetics, while in its native country, it’s also used to prepare food.

Despite many attempts to automate argan oil’s manufacturing and extraction process, certain steps are still done by hand. That’s why this oil, which differentiates itself by its nutty odour, is considered a luxury.  

A genuine hydration cocktail

Mainly composed of fatty acids, this oil contains essential nutrients like linoleic acid (omega-6), which provides suppleness and elasticity, oleic acid (omega-9), CoQ10, which is a powerful antioxidant and remineralizing agent, as well as plant sterols that provide a protective barrier for the skin. Its multiple benefits make this oil a fantastic ingredient for dry, aging, irritated, and tired skin, as well as for treating skin problems. 

Rich in vitamin E, argan oil repairs the dermis and protects cells from damage, making it an excellent choice for dry or damaged skin. Its anti-inflammatory action is particularly appreciated by red and irritated skin. This ingredient is also a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize the effects of free radicals and counteract skin aging.

Invigorating, nourishing, and healing, argan oil restores tired skin's elasticity and suppleness. Because it protects the skin, it limits the effects of outside aggressors by helping to regenerate the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Discover argan oil's multiple benefits for the skin, hair, and beard:

For the hair

This (near-miracle) oil brings radiance and life back to tired and dull tresses. It softens and creates shine for healthy-looking hair.  

For the beard

Thanks to the numerous nutrients and vitamins that it contains, argan oil nourishes, protects, and straightens hair for a healthy, revitalized beard.

For the face

When it comes to caring for facial skin, argan oil tops the charts of ingredients. In fact, this oil will provide hydration, suppleness, and elasticity with just one application. In other words, it has everything your skin needs!

Whether you use it on your skin, hair, or your beard, argan oil is a super ingredient that will have remarkable effects. Working it into your care routine can have many advantages, which is why we recommend that you look for it when purchasing care products for your skin, hair, and beard.

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*Small precaution: This ingredient is normally safe, however, testing it on a small area of skin is always recommended before use. Some people may experience irritation. If this is the case, stop use.