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An Interview with Elisa C-Rossow

14 Apr 2020

Based in Montreal, this designer has made her mark with her chic and timeless aesthetic. Here’s our discussion with the authentic and inspiring designer.

When did you have your first contact with fashion?

I was very young. It’s difficult for me to identify one moment in particular. I remember my grandfather gave me his old blue jeans when I was 12 or 13 years old and that I made skirts and bags with them. I sewed by hand for a long time and got my first sewing machine when I was 18 years old. I was creating mainly for myself, to make my own wardrobe. The idea of fashion came much later when I did my studies in styling. What I enjoyed the most, and still do today, is sculpting the clothing and creating pieces that are going to perform a function.

When did you decide to launch your label?

On October 28, 2008, in Montreal. My first runway show was in a small gallery with about 50 people and the local media in attendance. I had worked on my collection since May 2008. When I arrived in Montreal, I realized that the cost of living, which is much lower than in a city like Paris, would allow me to avoid waiting years before launching my label. I started slowly by making custom products and I was able to grow at my own pace, without needing to support a large production.  

What's your favourite step when creating a collection?

The design, the moment when the collection takes shape and I can put all my skills to work in order to think about all the finishing details of the final garment.

How do your customers influence your creative process?

Custom-made pieces are still an important part of the company and allow me to evolve the collection. I become close with clients, really get to know them, learn how they think, and learn what they want from a garment. Dressing many different bodies allows me to think about silhouettes so that they’re more accessible. It’s fun to follow and accompany clients through the different stages of their lives, to see their bodies change and adapt to it. Recently, I got requests for shades other than black, for more navy and cream. 

Any recommendations during the quarantine? Is there a recipe, motto, book, album, or band that you really like?

Elisa suggested a tartiflette as a comforting dish. With Reblochon cheese if possible, but her cheesemonger is always there to suggest local options.

When she needs to lift her spirits, she tries to see the positive side of things and to put the situation in perspective.

The band that she’s listening to the most right now is Pink Floyd.

The book she recommends is Petit manuel de résistance contemporaine by Cyril Dion, for learning how to live more slowly.