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Aloe: A Plant with Many Virtues for Hydrated Skin

27 Sep 2019

Name: Aloe/Aloe Vera

INCI name: Aloe Barbadensis

Profile: A type of succulent plant from the Liliaceae and Aloeae family

Known by those who have a green thumb, aloe is a plant with multiple benefits that few really know about. We find it everywhere in men’s grooming products but what is its real function? Familiarize yourself with this pretty pointy leaf plant and its well-kept (or not so well-kept) secrets. 

This tropical species with a thousand and one virtues is often found in products for the face, body, and even hair. The reason? Being composed of 99% water makes it a smart choice when it comes to hydration. Also, since it contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as enzymes and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, aloe is a real gold mine for your skin.  

Grown for its medicinal properties (amongst other things), the majority of aloe plants come to us from the American continent or Europe. During processing, the gel is extracted from the plant and transformed into aloe juice that’s then used in the world of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 

Discover the fabulous benefits of this multifunctional plant. 

Hydrating Properties

Aloe can thoroughly quench even the driest skin and rebalance oily skin by making it more matte. Since it absorbs quickly, it leaves the skin hydrated while also reducing redness, which is what has made it a choice ingredient for facial skincare lines and shaving products.

Healing Properties

We're familiar with how refreshing and calming it is when applied to sunburns, but did you also know that you can use it to relieve razor burn? It's used for its soothing effects in aftershave as well as for its protective properties in pre-shaving products and shaving creams. 

Restorative Properties

Aloe makes your hair healthy, soft, and shiny. It will also calm irritated scalps and help you fight dandruff. Because it is rich in oxygen and amino acids, the main components in hair, it also prevents breakage.

Softening Properties

Don't be shy to brush it into your hair! Aloe can only benefit your facial hair, so say goodbye to shaggy, coarse, and rebellious strands! 

Whether it’s in facial skincare, a beard oil, or even in your hair products, aloe keeps its promises and delivers soft skin, shiny hair, and a beard that will make all the alpha males in your entourage jealous!

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*Small precaution: This plant produces a natural latex. It’s possible that certain people may experience allergic reactions. Test all products containing aloe on a small area of your skin before applying it on a larger area.